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Multiple opportunities coming up, need help!!!


A quick background on my career. I got my LVN in 2008 and my RN in 2010. In order I have worked home health, med/surg-ER, Correctional Care, Hospice and Psych Nursing. I am currently working at a state psych hospital. I have interviewed to work at the VA in the clinic as a care manager. Im going to call and followup next week. I interviewed with DADS for a position at a nursing home surveyor (something i've always wanted to do), but it will require a lot of state travel for about 9 months, then just regional travel after that, which i am fine with. I live in Rural West Texas. I have also applied for a job with an oil company as an Occupational Health nurse. I just feel like i have so many options coming up and don't know how to handle it all. Do I take the first one that i get offered? But if a better offer comes a few days after that, do i leave the one i just agreed to and go with the new offer. I hope that makes sence. I took an ambient about 20min ago and I'm starting to really feel it. lol. thansk

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Congrats to you!!! You are obviously *da bomb*.

I am (sorta secretly) urging you to strongly consider the DADS job. We need strong assertive nurses to preserve quality and patient safety in LTC. Realistically, the VA job would probably be more lucrative and stable in the long run - if they're allowing hiring into Federal positions despite the recent executive order freeze.

You can always leave a job to go with a better offer... indentured servitude has been illegal for a while now - LOL. But I can see that you are coming from a position of integrity and want to do the right thing. As long as you're honest it's OK. Just tell your employer why you're leaving - then if they want to make a counter-offer, it's up to them.

When you're interviewing (if its not too late) tell them you need to be able to make a decision by (date).

Then, as the offers roll in (!), it's honest to say that you are looking at several opportunities and you will be able to give an answer to (the one who just called you) by the end of next week. This has a few added bonuses. The ones who won't wait, you don't want to work for somebody who's that desperate anyway. Some may sweeten the pot a bit-- good to know. And the one you choose will be thrilled that of all the competition for your services, they got you!

Good luck!

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Five jobs in 6 years? Now you have applied to 3 positions, and waiting on an offer. You need to slow down, figure out what you want.. and work towards THAT. Time to focus.

By the way, It's called Ambien. It is not a good time to post questions , while under the influence of a sedative, and it is FAR from funny.

I never said anything about 5 jobs in 6 years. That is my experience, not my job count. I had 2 full-time jobs and several PRN jobs during that time to gain more experiences.

I'd pick the VA job. gov benefits, pension, etc.