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  1. CX_EDRN

    In and Out Privileges

    We've had similar situations with PICC lines, etc. Since our patients are not allowed to leave the floor it's their visitors bringing that crap in. So their consequence is no visitors and our security enforces this. Pisses them off but too bad. Your management really needs to get a handle on this and they especially need to make a more safe environment for their staff. We call PD when people get rowdy and that usually takes care of the problem.
  2. CX_EDRN

    In and Out Privileges

    And if we find out that they've snuck out, they're considered leaving AMA.
  3. CX_EDRN

    In and Out Privileges

    Wow. I can't believe your facility puts up with that stuff but I also can't believe you have that many long-term patients! We usually have a handful but that's about it. No one is allowed to leave the units, once you're admitted you're here to stay. No leaving the floor, especially with IVs, etc. Our long termers get to walk (with staff) if they're reasonably behaved and not a true fall risk. As far as the nurse who got stabbed? Why was that patient not arrested?! That's insane! I'm sorry you have to deal with all that. Ugh.
  4. CX_EDRN

    University of South Alabama Spring 2019

    If there's a FB page, can someone post a link? I have a deactivated FB that I won't reactivate but I will create a new one for the school page. So it will look like a fake profile but I promise I'm real!
  5. CX_EDRN

    University of South Alabama Spring 2019

    I just received my acceptance email!!! So excited! Good luck to everyone else. :)
  6. CX_EDRN

    How/where did you get your CEN?

    CEN is only offered through the BCEN, you can go to their website for more information. You take the actual exam at a Pearson Vue testing center which you can schedule after you pay for the exam. It's been awhile but I think you have to schedule within a certain time frame after you've paid, maybe 90 days? Good luck!
  7. CX_EDRN

    Two mistakes in 2 weeks

    THIS. I mean, good grief. All the Ativan was there and this should have been used as a teaching moment, which are far more effective than write ups. We have to give each some grace, especially our new grad RNs who are under more stress just because they are still in the initial learning phase. Seems so silly to me.
  8. CX_EDRN

    Pure Wick

    I work in the ED and we love these! Great for the black out drunks to the grannies with hip fractures. I haven't seen an issue with them being hard to keep in place and we always place a chux underneath in case there is some leakage. I wouldn't use them with someone who was really restless/squirmy though.
  9. CX_EDRN

    Pain patients being denied their medication!

    I had not read that particular article, thank you! I am pretty familiar with Purdue Pharma and what I consider to be their unethical (at best) relationships with MDs who then influenced JCAHO policy, etc. Hard to comprehend really, but not at all surprising.
  10. CX_EDRN

    Pain patients being denied their medication!

    Word. I have mixed feelings about this because people are in this position because for so, so long opioids were pushed by big pharma (hellllo, oxycontin!) and labeled as "safe" by JCAHO. Won't get into the politics of all that except to say now we have a literal and figurative mess on our hands. The healthcare industry aided and abetted in this crisis and what the crap are we going to do about it now? I watched a TED talk on chronic pain several years ago and it was fascinating... About chronic pain being a disease itself and showed this amazing example of a girl that sprained her wrist and how it adversely affected her life and then what they did to fix it. It's Elliot Krane and the mystery of chronic pain. It's fascinating. To the OP, I am sorry you're in this situation. I feel that this is going to be increasingly more common in the next few years and I do hope you are able to find a way to successfully live your life opiate-free, or at least opiate-almost free. There have to be answers out there somewhere.
  11. CX_EDRN

    Nurse dating former patient?

    My actual boyfriend does not get to call me on my work line much less a guy that I don't know and have turned down. Repeatedly calling someone at their place of work for personal reasons, regardless of the reason, smacks of immaturity and a lack of boundaries. I would not tolerate it. Not to mention, you've already told him no. Unless it was a cutesy "oh, I couldn't possibly" since he's still calling your work, meaning you are probably sending mixed signals. So either you want to date him or you don't but want the attention since he's not doing it in a "stalking" way (your words). Either way, you've got to figure it out. Sounds messsssy messy messy.
  12. CX_EDRN

    Cardiac Monitoring/Strip Interpretation

    We do the same as others, and this has been standard in the several other EDs I have previously worked. Initial EKG, hook up to monitor for rest of time. Repeat/serial EKGs are sometimes done with evolving CP but the only time we print from the monitor is when we've caught significant runs of something, i.e. VT. But that's not very often because we'll just get another EKG. We also document current rhythm in with VS, minimally q30 for anything possibly cardiac related, i.e. dizziness/SOB.
  13. CX_EDRN

    University of South Alabama Spring 2019

    I've applied for the Dual Role AGAC/FNP Spring 2019 track. Good luck to everyone! I don't have a FB- well I have one that has been deactivated for a few years that I don't want to reactivate. :) Maybe I can just create a new profile solely for the school FB page.
  14. CX_EDRN

    ER: Shared Employee/ Traveler

    I agree that you need more experience before you travel. Also, traveling is not going to get you the trauma experience that you want- you have to already have it going in. Most travelers I know will tell you that they aren't able to triage/take codes/traumas on their travel assignments as those are left to the full-time staff. There are some exceptions of course but if you want trauma/higher acuity I would suggest you get a little more experience where you are at or go work at a higher level ED.
  15. CX_EDRN

    CEN study tips

    The only thing I did was watch the Jeff Solheim modules ($150) and while they were fantastic I think I would passed without them. I would suggest you look through the CEN blueprint and focus on the stuff you don't see a lot, for me it was ocular emergencies (there's a joke in there somewhere). Good luck!
  16. CX_EDRN

    Pain Management in Long Bone Fractures

    We have a ton of nurse driven protocols but not one specifically for long bones. Our trauma protocol uses fentanyl initially and we give it pretty freely, although I do agree these patients are undermedicated. Kids are especially under medicated.

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