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    In and Out Privileges

    We've had similar situations with PICC lines, etc. Since our patients are not allowed to leave the floor it's their visitors bringing that crap in. So their consequence is no visitors and our security enforces this. Pisses them off but too bad. Your management really needs to get a handle on this and they especially need to make a more safe environment for their staff. We call PD when people get rowdy and that usually takes care of the problem.
  2. CX_EDRN

    In and Out Privileges

    And if we find out that they've snuck out, they're considered leaving AMA.
  3. CX_EDRN

    In and Out Privileges

    Wow. I can't believe your facility puts up with that stuff but I also can't believe you have that many long-term patients! We usually have a handful but that's about it. No one is allowed to leave the units, once you're admitted you're here to stay. No leaving the floor, especially with IVs, etc. Our long termers get to walk (with staff) if they're reasonably behaved and not a true fall risk. As far as the nurse who got stabbed? Why was that patient not arrested?! That's insane! I'm sorry you have to deal with all that. Ugh.