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  1. linsanta2207

    Pregnancy and ppl who smoke in houses

    Hey yall, I just found out I am pregnant and a lot of patients smoke in their house. Am I able to refuse to see them if they aren't my patients? I am so early I do not want to tell my coworkers or boss yet due to a previous miscarriage. I have only been in my position for 3.5 months so too soon to switch jobs. I cannot put my baby at risk.
  2. Did you get the job?
  3. linsanta2207

    Background check completed question

    I was just looking at my application status and was wondering what board review completed means? And that the background part of the application was completed? Could they still deny me? Or ask for more info? Or would that still say not completed?
  4. linsanta2207

    Awaiting Decision from MN Board

    Any update on how this all went? I am from mn and just starting the process.
  5. I am due to graduafe this december. I have 2 dui's last one was 6 years ago and a harrassment misdemeanor from 2008 when I was 18. Im looking on infirnation or success stories from anyone that has gone through this in MN. I am currently looking at legal aid to help with the process.
  6. linsanta2207

    Rctc nursing school

    I am wondering if anyone was able to do clinicals with a criminal background at rctc. I know I'll be flagged I was for my previous NA jobs. There is a 7 year period where I'll be flagged and that will be up March 25 of this year!!! I had no idea it was from your probation time, I thought it was when I wasaw charged which was almost 10 years ago.