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  1. Today was such a bad day for me where do I begin? So I already got accepted in the ADN program for Fall 2020 in Texas so I was happy for a minute. There was a thing on our acceptance letters that stated if you feel like anything would barr you from doing clinicals at Baylor Scott and White (which is one of our school's biggest partner for clinical sites) then contact the director of nursing. I used to work for BSW recently and quit due to personal and medical issues. Apparently I was told by my director that I had to contact the hospital(BSW) for a student account access since they denied me access to epic. So I contacted the hospital and I was thinking this shouldn't hinder my chances of starting the program but boy was I wrong. The HR told me that I would have to wait for 2 years since I didn't put in a two week notice when I quit my job. I felt like this was very unfair and my school basically told me oh well sorry can't do anything for you. What are my options? I don't know how to process all of this. This has discouraged me to continue on. I have zero hope. I worked so hard for this, took me two years for my dreams to get shut down. How do you come back from this?,
  2. lovenurses2016

    Failed the Hesi A2

    Ok so i took the Hesi today and i failed miserably. I needed a 80% cumulative score to get in the program and i scored a 68% cumulative. Subject Area HESI Score (1) Reading Comprehension 80.00% (2) Conclusions 75.00% (3) Implications 71.00% (4) Meaning-Word Use 89.00% (5) Understanding 84.00% (6) Vocabulary & Knowledge 64.00% English Language Composite Score 72.00% (7) Math 60.00% Cumulative Score: 68.00% I think i need to study hard and what are some of the tips that you all have so I can pass my Math and Vocabulary pls??any tips would help oh and btw i have the Evolve Hesi Admission Assessment Exam Review book anything else would help????
  3. @Seshat thank you very much totally appreciate you
  4. @YumCookies ok thank you very much
  5. @adventure_rn awww thank you very much and he had a point and i never looked at it that way at first but when i sat back and thought about it he was totally right!!Thank you dear *hugs*
  6. lovenurses2016

    Taking the TEAS test in 7 days and i am nervous any tips please?

    @highervibrations i actually post poned my test to the 11th to buy myself some more time. An extra week makes a difference(I hope) lol. Anyways, I am thinking of purchasing both pratice tests from ATI website but then again I am also debating wether I should just spend that money on buying myself the ATI study manual. Science and Math are my weaknesses ..but it seems like I have been studying more Math than Science because i get soooo lost in alot of the info from A&P ...but thank you very much I am also a visual learner.
  7. awww thank you very much hugs:)
  8. I actually just want to get my LVN and work right away is the main reason why I wanted to go to Vista. I literally took the whole day to think about what you said and I am really considering going to a local college.Thank you and you are right
  9. Ok so i am trying to have a backup plan just in case Vista don't pick me up. Anyways, i called around the local colleges that are closer to me and one of the colleges stated that I need to take A&P and Pharmacology before applying to the LVN program but the other one which is Temple College told me that i can apply to their program and I just need to take A&P and Pharmacology while I am in the program. Do you guys think it is a good idea to take A&P and Pharm together or no? I know alot of people told me to take it before i apply to the program because these two pre reqs/co-reqs are very hard .Any thoughts ? or ideas?Thank you
  10. Sorry i served in the us military so therefore these are my benefits that I am using to pay for my school. Thanks
  11. Ok so i am looking to take the TEAS to get in Vista since they just opened up their LVN program and it is not far from where I live. The cost of the program is 28,000 but the military is paying for my school. Anyways, i have heard alot of bad stories about trade schools but I love trade schools because it's faster to get in the program without waiting for eternity for the nursing college programs, co reqs and pre reqs to get done so I am taking this route so I can start working right away since I have little ones that depend on me. Anyways was it hard to get a job after you completed your school from a trade school and btw i am looking forward to going through our local college for my ADN after i graduate and work as an LVN. What was your experience like in trade school? Did you like the program? Did you get job after passing NCLEX?
  12. So nervous any tips would be highly appreciated. I am taking the TEAS in 7 days and Math and Science are my weakness. What was your experience on taking the TEAS??I have no books to study from i am basically using youtube and onlince practice tests. Any help ???tips?
  13. lovenurses2016

    Taking the Teas in 7 days any tips pls

    Taking the Teas in 7 days it was such a short notice. I am very nervous. I don't have the book yet because i can't afford it right now so any tips would be helpful. We have 2 tries and we have to have a competitive score because the school can only take 16 people. Any tips would be highly appreciated. Thank you guys
  14. Ok so I am planning on taking the TEAS test in about 7 days. I just got notified yesterday and I have been calling the school for quite some time and now and just got this word yesterday. I am so mad and upset because I like to prepare myself at least one month ahead of time but i don't know what i am going to do with myself because this TEAS test i heard it's harder than the Hesi. So i just started studying yesterday and i am so stressed right now. I also don't have a book yet since I can't afford to buy the book right now:(. I have been taking online practice tests and watching youtube videos. Math and Science are my weakness points so i am focusing on that for this next couple of days. I am really considering just not taking it but then again i just want to take it to see how I do. The school that I want to go to is a trade school(military paying for my school) and they told me that they will pick the top 16 people with highest scores so i feel so sad and stressed right now:(. Anyways, can you guys give me some tips and your experience when you took the TEAS pls...Thank you guys

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