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    Georgia Perimeter College LPN-RN Bridge Spring 2018?

    Hey, did you get in? I see in their site that they only look at the math and reading for the teas?
  2. CNAbutLPN2be2017


    can anyone list a couple good bridge programs in the Atlanta area, I do have a few on my list but I am trying to explore all my options. I had no idea that schools were this limited and competitive. I really don't want to move back to FL but I will if I have to if need be. Thank you.
  3. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    West Ga Tech ASN Spring 2018

    Hello does this school require all sections for the teas? And what score are they looking for? Thank you
  4. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    Gordon State College Fall 2019 Hopefuls

    Hello did you get accepted? I'll be applying in December of 2019. I have five classes that I'll be finishing next year. I am doing the bridge. Was it a hard process? Thank you.
  5. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    Gordon State College Spring 2018 hopefuls

    Hello, did you guys apply to the traditional track? I'm bridging and was told as long as I meet the goa requirements and pass the Kaplan I'm almost garaunteed a seat becaus they don't ever have many bridge students. Congrats everyone. I will be applying December of next year.
  6. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    Lanier Tech Spring 2018

    Hello all when you started here did you need to give them all your transcripts from other schools? I took a literature class when I was 18 and I found out that I owe them 2000. I had no idea until a few months ago now they are holding my transcripts but I want to apply. To there new ASN program as I'm already an LPN.
  7. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    Georgia Highlands LPN-RN bridge program

    hello all, I know this is a year old but I plan on applying next year and am wondering when the actually class starts and ends. thank you.
  8. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    Florida Compact License upgrade?

    I also received mine on the 8th of this month
  9. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    Florida Compact License upgrade?

    Are you in FL
  10. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    Florida Compact License upgrade?

    I submitted my fingerprints on the 16th using the code EDOH4420Z. It cost me 79$ I think it cost more for me because I'm currently in Virginia for a few months. Either way, on the website it says you must have done fingerprints within the last 90 days
  11. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    Enlc approval

    I know this is a bit premature but I applied for my multistate license the day it opened around 6am. I am just curious to know if anyone else did the same and has been approved yet. Im trying to be patient but I'm super anxious. I just relocated and haven't worked in over a month. I'm pretty much losing my mind lol. Anyways, I know they say it can take up to 30 days but I'm hoping it doesn't take that long. Thanks
  12. Hello I have a coworker that is not on this site and wants me to ask a question. She wants to move to another state due to the fact that she is divorcing, she has applied for an endorsement license in the state that she plans in moving but her license is currently under investigation, over a dressing change. Anyways, she just wants to know if there is anyone out there who has gotten a license in another state while under investigation. Thanks
  13. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    Is leaving before hurricane abandonment

    Hello all, so I am located at the very end of south Florida near the keys! My question is simply this, I'm supposed to work weekend during this hurricane which some are saying could be deadly. I have a small child and his safety is my priority. I want to evacuate but my job is saying that they could report me for abandonment. I really don't understand how because if I leave from my house, how have I abandoned their residents?? I am an LPN btw
  14. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    Is leaving before hurricane abandonment

    I just needed to know one simple thing, it was answered so why you feel like I need to explain my life story to you is a mystery to me! I'm done responding! Thank you
  15. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    Is leaving before hurricane abandonment

    You must be! Like I said, had I known, I would have preparations!
  16. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    Is leaving before hurricane abandonment

    It's called sarcasm
  17. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    Is leaving before hurricane abandonment

    Everyone's situation is different and I'm not gonna sit on here and argue about that. They put out schedules out at the end of last month for this month. Had I known about a hurricane at the time the schedule was made, I would have requested off. Also, my job is very unorganized, and I dint have time for that! Especially if my child is involved
  18. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    Is leaving before hurricane abandonment

    When it comes to my child's safety, YES
  19. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    Is leaving before hurricane abandonment

    My husband is a correctional officer so he Might have to stay until this thing is over as well. My closest relative lives in Atlanta but I'd have to drive up there and drop him off. I'm supposed to work tomorrow so I pretty much I have to make a decision now because I won't be driving bs k if I do
  20. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    who passed the PN exam? What studying material did you use?

    I took mine April of this year. I read the fundamentals chapter in Saunders and did you world. I studied for a month straight and passed first attempt with 85 questions. You can do it!!!
  21. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    need nclex pn studying advice

    Read the fundamentals chapter in the Saunders nclex book. This helped me a lot, I don't think I would have passed if I didn't read that. Also do uworld, it's a very good resource as well. These were the only two materials I used and I passed first try with 85 questions. Good luck to you!
  22. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    Should I be a LPN before RN?

    I did Lpn first because I have two kids. I just got my first job in an LTC/rehabilitation facility making 19.00$ an hour. I plan on finishing my prerequisites in august do I can apply to the bridge program. I wish I could have went straight to RN but I had to think about my kids and being a CNA for the next two years wasn't going to do it for me. Some people are able to go straight through and some aren't. You have to do what's best for your situation!
  23. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    Passed my NCLEX-PN 85 Questions, 1st Time May 2017, UWorld

    You sound like me exactly! I too am in Florida and I too rescheduled my test to a sooner date( by 3 days) anyways I also got 85 questions and I first I freaked out because I went into the testing site expecting to get at least half of the 205. I went to my car did the trick, got the good pop up, and was a nervous wreck for two days. I started to get nervous but I kept telling myself that there is no way i bombed this test because failing at 85 would pretty much mean I didn't know anything. Anyways, I passed, you passed, and we are now new nurses!!!!
  24. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    First job after licensure.

    Hello all, I am just curious about how long it took for you guys to land your firs job after you got your license. I've been a nurse for all of two seconds and I'm anxious to get to work. I'm a CNA and I work in a rehab facility ( they aren't hiring Lpn's at the moment). Anyways ive been applying to jobs and I'm hoping I get a call back soon.
  25. CNAbutLPN2be2017

    First job after licensure.

    Thanks for the responses! I start my new job this coming Monday at a rehabilitation/ nursing home facility. Super excited but also super nervous. It took about three weeks.