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kyfitch has 6 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Med/Surg, Travel Nurse.

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  1. Depressed with Nursing

    I’ve been thinking about trying to transition into nursing informatics. I wouldn’t have to be a bedside nurse anymore and I can help nurses with computer charting that I may know more about since I was a travel nurse and have at least used other EMAR...
  2. Depressed with Nursing

    Hey everyone, I’ve been a nurse for a little over six years now and to be honest I’m a little embarrassed to even be asking for advice about how I’m feeling. I started off in med surge as a new grad nurse and did that for about two years before I dec...
  3. Depressed/Lost

    Everybody, I truly need your thoughts and help. I have been a nurse now for close to three years. I feel so miserable and depressed every time I have to go into work, and I know that my entire life should not feel like this. Isn’t there a way to be h...
  4. NCLEX Study Tips

    No matter what anybody tells you... DO NOT pay money for Kaplan. It was of absolutely no use or value when taking the NCLEX. You can go online and find the only one good thing it has to offer which is the decision tree. You don't need to pay 300 doll...

    Kl1528sd, thanks for letting me know. How did you do on the NCLEX, how many questions did you pass in?

    MamiLuv, thank you so much!!!

    How much do the actual Hurst Videos cost though? I can't really afford much more.

    Just a very quick question for any of you who have taken and passed your NCLEX the first time around. I just accepted a job offer at a hospital as a new grad nurse and will be taking my NCLEX sometime around mid June. I really don't have enough money...
  9. Hello everybody, just a quick and simple question. I am a recent new grad and have been applying for jobs. I am pretty sure that a hospital is offering me a position and they have given me a few days to think it over, however I just recently intervie...
  10. HESI Exit

    Thanks Kuriin!!!
  11. HESI Exit

    Thank you for the advice!!
  12. HESI Exit

    Thanks for the kind words Snees46. I have an overall GPA of a 3.49 right now, and have all A's in this last semester which would bring my GPA up to around a 3.55-3.6 at the end of the semester, however, if we do not pass the hesi exit on our third at...
  13. HESI Exit

    The only reason the HESI scares me is because according to the test I'm weak in all areas....... I mean, that pretty much has to be the case with scoring in the 600's.
  14. HESI Exit

    Aceofhearts, thank you so much for the advice. Snees46, it is just an indicator of where I stand for the NCLEX, but obviously I'm not in a good position according to the HESI Exit. It is really strange for me though, because every time I take the pre...
  15. HESI Exit

    I need some advice because I am scaring the crap out of myself. I am in my last semester of nursing school and will be graduating with my BSN in two months. The only problem is I completely BOMB my HESI Exit each time I take it. I'm not even close to...