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Hey everyone, I’ve been a nurse for a little over six years now and to be honest I’m a little embarrassed to even be asking for advice about how I’m feeling. I started off in med surge as a new grad nurse and did that for about two years before I decided to travel nurse. I then travelled for two years and then decided to settle down again for a while and the last two years I’ve been a staff nurse on a med surg floor again. As a traveler I was able to float to many different floors to work in. I’ve floated to step downs, other med surg floors, ortho, neuro, etc. I don’t know how else to say this, but I think I just dislike nursing in general. I constantly dread going into work, I’m always depressed because of my job, I just want to be in a career that I’m truly happy with but I’m already 32 and as bad as it might sound, I do NOT want to take a pay cut. Even looking for nursing careers outside of the hospital are usually pay cuts. I just don’t know what to do anymore but I know I don’t want to live the rest of my life feeling miserable because I hate my job. Any advice would be very much appreciated.


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I am almost 39 and young to nursing (3 years). I changed my career because of the dynamic nature of nursing. If I don't like a field of nursing, I can change. As for the pay cut, I think it depends on what is more important to you and most nursing jobs pay with respect to experience. 



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Before you all the way throw in the towel and since you’re even considering taking a pay cut, how about you give outpatient nursing a go. It’s a 9-5. EVERYONE GOES HOME AT THE END OF THE DAY. No call bells.  No changing poop. No standing all day. No getting the worse assignments.  
and there are plenty other jobs besides inpatient if you don’t want to do outpatient.


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I’ve been thinking about trying to transition into nursing informatics. I wouldn’t have to be a bedside nurse anymore and I can help nurses with computer charting that I may know more about since I was a travel nurse and have at least used other EMAR systems. I’ve been just thinking about it but it might make sense for me. I believe it would also pay more than a bedside RN.

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You probably should get out of med-surg.  Consider some other areas like mentioned above.

Also, don't define your life by your career or you will be miserable.  I've been in it 30 years and have been through some hard times where I've wanted to run away from nursing.  Not sure how I stuck it out but leaving work at work and finding a work life balance, that includes vacations and travel have made it bearable. 



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With six years of experience in so many different areas, you'll be in high demand no matter where you apply. I moved from bedside nursing into PACU nursing (pre-op and post-op). It's located at a hospital with a Level 2 trauma center, so we get some interesting/critical cases and receive in-hospital pay. But I get to work 3 10-hour shifts/week, start at 5:30 am and leave by 4 pm. No weekends unless you count my one on-call day per month (and I select the day that I sign up for). It's a pretty good gig!