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    Lpn ?

    Hello all, I’m suppose to be starting lpn school in April and was hoping some of you can give me a little more insight. My first question is, do hospitals hire LPNs? I hear from a lot of people that LPNs work at nursing facility’s. However, every time I look up lpn hospital Job openings near me a lot of them pop up. Also are lpn to rn bridge programs hard to get into? As in are they competitive like rn schools? Do you see many male LPNs? Btw I live in Michigan and that’s where I plan on getting me licenses. And I’m sorry if these questions were already asked. Thank you
  2. Hello i was in a community college trying to do nursing, I took all the general classes however I failed anatomy 4 times. I have a 2.3 gpa and was wondering if anyone knows a program that I would still be able to join? I've been working at a pharmacy for 3 years, I'm not sure if that helps. Or does anyone know of a of a different way to becoming a nurse. For example I've heard of people getting a bachelors in sociology and doing something called an acclerated nursing program after that. Any help will be appreciate. thank you

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