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  1. SaggieRN87

    Drexel University PMHNP 2019

    Maybe it’s too early in the application process and that’s why people haven’t commented yet? Technically, the application deadline for the PMHNP program is June 1. However, it was suggested to me, by an enrollment counselor at Drexel, to submit my application before February 1. I did that just that!
  2. SaggieRN87

    Drexel University PMHNP 2019

    I haven’t.
  3. SaggieRN87

    Trigger Warning!

    In my opinion, it is one thing to have an opinion that differs from others. However, speech that disempowers or leads to the discrimination of others is inappropriate and shouldn’t be given a platform in any arena.
  4. SaggieRN87

    Drexel University PMHNP 2019

    I didn’t see this topic in a thread search, so I decided to create a thread. Is anyone applying to Drexel University’s Psychiatric Mental Health NP Program for the Fall 2019 semester? I just submitted my completed application last week. Also, if current students or applicants want to chime in, please feel to comment.
  5. SaggieRN87

    Wilkes university pmhnp fall 2019

    Thank you for responding. I submitted the application and all of the required documents last week. Maybe I will hear back from them by mid-February? Wilkes U is having an online information session about their np programs next week, and I’ve registered for that. Good luck in your studies and congrats. PS-Do you mind if I ask you a few more questions? I could try to pm you if more appropriate.
  6. SaggieRN87

    Wilkes university pmhnp fall 2019

    Hello. I did not apply to Wilkes University’s BSN-MSN PMHNP but to the MSN-PMHNP program (for nurses who already have a BSN). How long did it take for you to receive your acceptance letter after you had submitted you application and required documents? Thank you.