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  1. nurselola16

    Chamberlain spring 2018

    Congratulations! Did you have phone interview? I received an email for a phone interview and no answer in 2 weeks
  2. nurselola16

    FNP Graduate from Chamberlain College of Nursing Dec 2015

    Hi chamberlainfnp2015, Thank you for your info about the program. I am starting mine coming July and wondered if I have to move to the state that it's not accredited/ approved with chamberlain what will happen? Do you have any idea?
  3. nurselola16

    Simmons FNP Sept 2017

    My application is rejected. Any suggestion in applying to different college for FNP program?
  4. nurselola16

    George Washington University- FNP Fall 2017

    Could you please tell me if this program is competitive? for low GPA? New grad?
  5. nurselola16

    FNP at nursing@simmons may 2017

    I applied to Fall, 2017. Waiting for response.
  6. nurselola16

    FRontier CNM class 164

    Have you heard anything???
  7. nurselola16

    Frontier University FNP Class # 164

    very anxious of waiting. Nothing heard yet.
  8. nurselola16

    FRontier CNM class 164

    I submitted to 164 also. Waiting...
  9. nurselola16

    Frontier University FNP Class # 164

    Hi Mandy, Did you received any email from frontier?
  10. nurselola16

    Frontier Nursing University CNM

    I applied to FNP class 164 and received an email that my application is complete. Can't wait....
  11. nurselola16

    Searching for an NP preceptor when I live out of state

    Sorry to hear that, cbeers113. What program are you in? I live in MN and have difficulties in finding preceptor in my area.
  12. nurselola16

    Frontier Nursing University, class 163, Summer 2017

    is it compatitive
  13. Hi, I'm starting this blog for Class 164. It's good to keep in touch with each other. I'm from Minnesota and want to try this program. I have hundreds questions about it especially about preceptor and clinical site and hope to hear your opinions here...
  14. nurselola16

    Frontier Nursing University Class #157

    I'm applying to Frontier FNP and wanted to hear curret students' input and reviews regarding this program. Would be very appreciated... Thanks in advance,
  15. nurselola16

    Frontier Nursing University

    Hi, I have a question about finding the clinical site. I live in MN and worry about finding one.Is Frontier helpful in finding you preceptor, or you need to work on your own business?