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Frontier University FNP Class # 164



I'm starting this blog for Class 164. It's good to keep in touch with each other. I'm from Minnesota and want to try this program. I have hundreds questions about it especially about preceptor and clinical site and hope to hear your opinions here.

Nice to meet you future FNPs:)


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I've also submitted my application and hope to be accepted to class 164. I'm from ND :-) Hopefully we will meet at Frontier bound!

Silverdragon102, BSN

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Hello. I applied back in January. I still haven't heard back. Did you already get accepted?


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Hey all, I am looking at gathering all my stuff to apply for class #167. If anyone gets accepted, please pass on any wisdom or tips for the application process! Thanks!


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I did receive one a few days after submitting my application stating it was entering the file review process :)

Hi all!! I applied back in March. I'm an L&D nurse from VA. Very anxious but I'm trying to remember that the application just closed 2 weeks ago.


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Hi, nurselola16, BSN..

Wondering if you started the program at Frontier. I'm thinking about applying for the fall start. How long is the program? I'm also from MN and nervous about finding preceptors. Thanks!