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  1. NOVII

    The cabinet is behind the desk in our nurses station. We have a bin for each of our two Novii monitors that has all of the parts in it. This is where we also keep our basket of essential oils. We have made it a habit to put it back pretty much as soo...
  2. Hi there! I am looking into the FNP program at University of Cincinnati. Did you hear anything back yet? Can I ask what made you chose that program?
  3. Walden FNP August 2017

    Hey all!! I am looking at applying to the FNP program at Walden this fall! I have a few schools on my list in addition to this one. If I may ask, what made you each chose this program? Thanks in advance!
  4. Chamberlain FNP online July 2017

    Hey there! I am just starting researching NP programs and Chamberlain in one that is on my list. Can I ask why this is the program you chose? I have a list of a handful of programs that I am interested in (Chamberlain, Walden, Frontier, Maryville, Si...
  5. Good program for online Women's Health NP school??

    One of the nurses I worked with on Labor and Delivery graduated from FNU last year. She did the midwifery program. She had good things to say about it. A nurse that I currently work with just got accepted last week to the WHNP program and she seems v...
  6. Good program for online Women's Health NP school??

    Hey! I am in the same boat as you. I am looking at either FNP or WHNP. School is crazy expensive! I hear good things about FNU though.
  7. NOVII

    No problem! Happy to help!
  8. NOVII

    They are helpful...for the most part. We have a joke on our unit that Monica (the brand of device) can be a very fickle creature. When it works, it is amazing. I just used one the other night on a laboring natural patient and it was great. She was ab...
  9. Hey all! I am looking into Frontier Nursing University to get my NP. I know this school has a good reputation. I used to work with a nurse who got her CNM there and one I currently work with just got accepted. I am just struggling to decide which tra...
  10. good shoulder dystocia: suprapubic pressure

    I know what you mean. I feel the same way. However, ever time that I have done suprapubic pressure, the baby has always come out fairly soon after that. That is always one of my fears, that I will do it incorrectly and the baby won't come out.
  11. NOVII

    We have 2 of them. When they are not in use, they are in a cabinet at the nurses station and the base is plugged in so that the battery is ready to go for the next patient. We have had them for a while and we have never had a lost pod...knock on wood...
  12. Frontier University FNP Class # 164

    Hey all, I am looking at gathering all my stuff to apply for class #167. If anyone gets accepted, please pass on any wisdom or tips for the application process! Thanks!
  13. Frontier Nursing FNP Class 161

    @sandchedrick, BSN...Totally off topic, but I was looking at different posts regarding FNU NP program and saw that you live in Hawaii. My mom is a nurse and my parents are looking at moving to Oahu. What do you think of the hospitals there?
  14. Frontier Nursing University Class 162

    I am doing research on their FNP program right now, to start potentially late fall, early winter. Did you end up applying? And how is it so far?
  15. Congratulations! I am looking into either the FNP program or the WHNP. What do you think of the program so far?