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    Need advice! Gov job or Rn?

    So i separated from the military about 2 years ago and just finished my pre reqs for nursing school, which i planned to start next spring. I applied for this health system management job with veteran affairs and got it to my surprise, I already have a MBA in healthcare management but now i have no clue if i want to take it or not, i enjoy direct patient care and i know if i take this job it would be more of a administrative position, i was a medic in the military which is why i wanted to become a nurse in the first place. Just need some advice on what to do since i have little time to decide.
  2. So I am just recently separated from the miliary. I was a combat medic and want to transition towards nursing school. I'm currently taking my pre reqs. I already have a BA and MBA in healthcare management. I was wordering should I go the adn route than do an online BSN program or do an accelerated BSN program. Im located in Texas btw
  3. isisha

    Medic should I do an Adn or absn

    Ok thanks for the advice, that's a really good idea I just have to see if they have any traditional ones in my area that aren't too expensive or are not too far away.
  4. isisha

    Medic should I do an Adn or absn

    My academic skills are pretty good I'm still worried about that though because I know the pace for absn programs are really fast which is why I'm considering a adn program, I know both can be stressful but it's probably more my speed I don't want to feel too overwhelmed.
  5. isisha

    Medic should I do an Adn or absn

    I worked in the ER as a medic pretty much being a nursing assistant and I just really enjoyed the environment so I wanted to use my GI benefits in something I actually enjoyed doing. I acquired my degrees while in the military so really don't have that much experience in them