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  1. nirvana2018

    Collin College Nursing Fall 2021

    I also want to apply for fall 2021. My GPA is 4, and I have all 'A" is in my prerequisite. My TEAS score is very low like 75 percent, Math 85%, Science 88%, Reading 67% and English language is 56 %. I know my chance very low. I'm in a dilemma whether I will apply or not. My English is very bad, so taking TEAS again is scary for me. Thinking about what to do. Assuming my point is 18.4, is there any chance with this low score.
  2. nirvana2018

    West Coast University

    Hi, I'm Pre Nursing student who are applying for BSN program now. I'm starting this thread for who are enrolling West Coast University in April or June session. Please feel free what is going on now. Hope soon will find someone. Any good insight or things to avoid. Any other good private university(DFW area) that teach the necessary skill while breaking the bank .
  3. nirvana2018

    West Coast University or RN-BSN

    hi I saw u started your program from last Summer.How is it going?I wanted to do it from July?Any insight.How about the clinical?How is it?Do professor teach anf guide well?
  4. nirvana2018

    Nursing school

    I need reccommendation about good BSN program in DFW area. My plan were applying for TWU and Collin college,but I cant pick it up more than 82 percent due to low reading score.Since TWU and Collin is very competitive, I am thinking about applying in private university I can apply with this TEAS score.I am confised which one will be good school between west coast,Arizona...that will teach me some skills while I will be paying a lot.Please give some insight who passed from any private school in DFW area,likes,dislikes,suggestions.Currently I am done with my Prereqs want to start BSN as early as possible.Im looking for suggestions as I don't want spend the money in nothing while I have to pay back loan .My fear also getting job,do employer underestimate candidate who passed from private university?
  5. nirvana2018

    West Coast University Cost

    Do I know which program u ended up.Im just looking for a good program,but cant pick up my TEAS score more than 84 percent, the lower tution scholl not taking under 90 percent TEAS percentile.I am seeing my dream ending very soon.
  6. nirvana2018

    West Coast University Cost

    how is your course going?Is there any hidden cost of this program not notified before?Do the professor helpful? How is the clinical setting? Some of my community friends told me not to do the program of WCU.They are telling me after passing from here I will not get a job for this university tag.Please help me out.I have two kid one is newborn ,so I don't want to waste my time.Thanks
  7. nirvana2018

    West Coast University April 2020

  8. nirvana2018

    HESI A2 test, Grayson

    Thanks a lot.Do you know where can I take HESI online?Since Grayson college has no option for proctoring test.I have no idea about other places.Where are(center) you taking the test?
  9. nirvana2018

    HESI A2 test, Grayson

    Hello, I'm a pre-nursing student, I already completed the prerequisite. I want to apply for RN program at Grayson College and Collin college, TX for Fall 2021. For Grayson college, I have to take it online due to COVID 19, but Grayson college doesn't have any proctoring option. Can anyone please guide me on how to prepare for this test and where can I take the proctoring HESI A2 test. Thanks in advance.
  10. nirvana2018

    Collin College Fall 2020 Application

    Those who couldn't take TEAS for This Covid 19 ,What path r u chosing? In collin's website it is been told that the online application will be ready in the first week of April? Did I miss anything?I'm talking about applying for Fall 2020.
  11. nirvana2018

    TWU Fall 2020 Applicants

    What is the minimum score of acceptance for Dallas campus and pre reqs and core without twu bump and previous bachelor?
  12. nirvana2018

    TWU Fall 2020 Applicants

    I am preparing myself for applying for TWU ,fall 2020.
  13. nirvana2018

    Nursing study in sydney

    Hi all,, I found this site very helpful.I have one question.Right now i,m doing prerequisite for nursing in community college, after one year we will be moving to Sydney. I am confused if this prerequisite would be valid for apply for nursing program in Sydney also? Another question is ,,,Is there any community college for studying nursing(RN//BSN) in Sydney? Whats is the requirements for enrollment and tution fees(Resident)? Is there any low income tution waiver system? Final question is How is the job field in Sydney? Can anyone please help me.Thanks in advance.