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Nursing school


I need reccommendation about good  BSN program in DFW area. My plan were applying for TWU and Collin college,but I cant pick it up more than 82 percent due to low reading score.Since TWU and Collin is very competitive, I am thinking about applying in private university I can apply with this TEAS score.I am confised which one will be good school between west coast,Arizona...that will teach me some skills while I will be paying a lot.Please give some insight who passed from any private school in DFW area,likes,dislikes,suggestions.Currently I am done with my Prereqs want to start BSN as early as possible.Im looking for suggestions as I don't want spend the money in nothing while I have to pay back loan .My fear also getting job,do employer underestimate candidate who passed from private university?

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

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