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HESI A2 test, Grayson



I'm a pre-nursing student, I already completed the prerequisite. I want to apply for RN program at Grayson College and Collin college, TX for Fall 2021. For Grayson college, I have to take it online due to COVID 19, but Grayson college doesn't have any proctoring option. Can anyone please guide me on how to prepare for this test and where can I take the proctoring HESI A2 test. Thanks in advance.

I haven't taken it yet, but I can tell you what I am doing. Check out Youtube for pointers; contact your school to see what topics they require to be tested on and study those; get the Pocket Prep app, Mometrix book, and the HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review book from Evolve. Also, use Youtube channels like Kahn Academy and Crash Course to study things like math, biology, A&P, etc.

Thanks a lot.Do you know where can I take HESI online?Since Grayson college has no option for proctoring test.I have no idea about other places.Where are(center) you taking the test?

I have no idea right now. I'm still waiting for the University of Florida to open up proctored tests. I'm not in Florida, though. The academic advisor told me that I could take the test at a testing site in Rhode Island, but I haven't found any. I've tried to call Elsevier to ask, but I'm left on hold for forever.

My school also has this number to contact about scheduling the exam on their website:

Prometrics at (800) 853-6769: Questions related to scheduling the HESI A2 exam.


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Not sure if you have tested yet, but I was able to take my test in person in August at Trinity Valley CC in Terrell.