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  1. UF ABSN/Accelerated BSN Summer 2022

    I applied to Gainesville, but now I’m wishing that I would have checked “no preference”. That’s right! I had completely forgotten about that.
  2. UF ABSN/Accelerated BSN Summer 2022

    Last year we found out the first Friday in March around 4-5pm.
  3. UF ABSN/Accelerated BSN Summer 2022

    I don't remember anyone mentioning receiving the assessment link last year, and I did not receive one this year.
  4. UF ABSN/Accelerated BSN Summer 2022

    Hey everyone! I applied to the program last year, but was not accepted. At the last hour, I decided to apply again this year because my pre-requisites will no longer be up to date for the program after this year. I scored an 85% on the HESI, an...
  5. UF accelerated BSN 2021

    If I do receive an acceptance, I will not be taking it. Not because of the experience, but because I was on the fence about whether or not to take it anyway. I've already started the process to begin a registered dietitian program at the University o...
  6. UF accelerated BSN 2021

    I wish the best of luck to all of you who were accepted! I may be the only person who didn't receive the acceptance email that isn't upset. I was on the fence as to whether or not I would accept it if offered and now the decision has been made for me...
  7. UF accelerated BSN 2021

    Nothing changed on my post-bacclaureate page either.
  8. UF accelerated BSN 2021

    I haven't received anything either.
  9. UF accelerated BSN 2021

    Do you have any students in your cohort who are single moms? I would be coming to Florida with my two daughters while my husband stays in Rhode Island. All my family is in Gainesville, but I worry about doing this program and not having the constant,...
  10. UF accelerated BSN 2021

    Honestly, this whole situation is making me consider even stronger into going into a registered dietician program. I was between UF, UMass, and an RD program at UNE. I'm going to talk to my husband about just doing the RD program instead. I'm 39 year...
  11. UF accelerated BSN 2021

    I would love examples! I am currently between choosing this program and a registered dietician program at UNE. Choosing UF would mean taking my children away from their father and friends. I would hate to make the wrong decision and then regret it b...
  12. UF accelerated BSN 2021

    I felt like nothing that I studied was on the HESI...NOT A THING! The TEAS, I at least felt like the materials I studied correlated with the test. It didn't help that the proctoring site was a nightmare on my testing day for the HESI! The TEAS I took...
  13. UF accelerated BSN 2021

    I think that I may be the only person that thought the HESI was harder. I got an 88 on the TEAS and an 85 on the HESI.
  14. UF accelerated BSN 2021

    You're welcome! Let me know if you need anymore info when you get there. My twin has a 14 year old and a 16 year old. Her boys have never went to the schools that they were zoned for until middle school (only her oldest, her youngest went to PK). I c...
  15. UF accelerated BSN 2021

    It probably is closer to 30 to 40 minutes, but if you moved out west Archer Road, there is another way that most locals take. Most locals don't like the traffic. My family doesn't even go to Archer Road anymore. I lived in San Diego for four years, s...