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    How I Passed the NCLEX on the First and Second Try!

    I know your pain...I took my boards 2/07 and knew only 5 of the 75 questions. I cried all the way home.......like you I have been an LPN for many years (23 to exact). I truly hope you passed your boards because as a RN it will open doors that a LPN can not open. Funny thing was that I still the exact same thing I did as a LPN except I now get paid for it. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. mema1

    How I Passed the NCLEX on the First and Second Try!

    felt that it did not help...never opened the books, just did the practice test. Felt boards were totally different thatn the ATI's. Kaplan review helped more...they helped you to look at the questions for key words and discard the ones that did not fit. I took boards 2/07 and had only 75 questions.
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    How I Passed the NCLEX on the First and Second Try!

    that is great that both of you passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Now encourage him to finish his RN. I can tell you from experience that he will never be satified with LPN. I was a LPN for 23 years before I got the tired enough of doing the same thing, but not getting paid for it. I found an online program.....Chamberlain College of Nursing, worked fulltime nights as an L&D nurse, clinicals on my day off and obtained my dream-RN. Good luck to both of you :)
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    Chamberlain College of Nursing

    I graduated from the online program 12/06....ceremony was 4/07. This program has been worth every penny it cost me. The only thing I know about the pass rate was that all but one 1 passed the program and NCLEX that term. I will be glad to talk with anyone about the program :)

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