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  1. I applied for a position and my application status as shifted from: recieved submission, under review, to now under hiring manager review. I assume this is a good thing, but am unsure what my chances are of actually be contacted for an interview? I live in a high density area in California and am uncertain how many applicant applied for the position and how many are reviewed by HR and sent over for the hiring manager to review. My status changed sometime in the last week.
  2. Hi all, I graduated in May and became licensed in mid July. I have applied to 50-60 positions, mostly hospitals, and have been denied from almost all of them..the ones I havent been denied from are still being reviewed. I have exhausted all of my connections in hospitals, dialysis, and corrections and nothing has really panned out anywhere. I was offered a position at a privately owned skilled facility in a nice area. A family friend of mine works there and was able to get me an interview with the director. It was voted top 20 in the greater region that I live in. The director met with me in an informal interview and although they are not actively hiring, was willing to offer me a per diem position that would grow into full time in the coming months. He even offered me the salary I asked for. I have been told countless horror stories about SNFs and even heard countless more horror stories about accepting positions as a new grad outside of acute care And frankly I am very terrified to accept this position, but am hard up on money and need to start working sooner rather than later. Is this going to be a career suicide move?