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  1. spider421


    I feel the same way! Also graduated in December and still without a job... I would even take a CNA job (just to get my foot in the door) at this point but many hospitals won’t hire RNs as CNAs due to legality/scope of practice. I am based in CA and thought maybe with COVID-19, hospitals would hire anyone to help but it looks like new grads are again at the bottom of the totem pole, and to top it all off a few hospitals in my area have postponed their new grad programs.
  2. spider421

    Cedars-Sinai New Grad Residency - 2020 Spring Cohort

  3. spider421

    Cedars-Sinai New Grad Residency - 2020 Spring Cohort

    Received an email to interview this afternoon!
  4. Hello All, Wondering if anyone has signed a new grad contract with Pioneer Staffing Services for the Centinela Medical Center? I have been offered a position but am a bit nervous about signing a 2 yr contract with them... Or if you have any experience working at Centinela? Any advice? Thanks in advance!
  5. New forum for the Cedars-Sinai new grad residency - 2020 Spring Cohort! Opens on March 2nd. Let's chat about it here... Good luck to us all!
  6. spider421

    Torrance Memorial RN Residency Feb 2020

    Yep they said the 11th, maybe they were confused about the date
  7. spider421

    UCLA MECN 2018

    Is anyone else's password not working for the admission portal??
  8. spider421

    USF MSN CNL non nurse spring 2018

    Has anyone heard from USF regarding orientation for OC campus?? We start 1/22 so we should be going to orientation pretty soon?

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