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  1. BrittanyRN18

    AZ ICU's

    I'm starting to think about moving to an ICU position in the near future and wanted to know what people thought of the local ICU's as far as coworkers, management, work environment, etc. Any information is welcome! I'm mostly thinking of applying to Mayo Clinic, Honor Health Thompson Peak and Honor Health Shea since they are near me. But would love to hear about Banner, St. Joesph's etc. Thanks in advance :)
  2. BrittanyRN18

    GCU Master's FNP Program

    I'm curious what people think of GCU Master's FNP Program. I've heard that it's do-able to continue working full time during the program, but I'm curious if it's difficult during clinicals. I was also curious how long the program is. Any other information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  3. BrittanyRN18

    MSN first or straight to DNP?

    I currently have my BSN and know I will eventually want to end up with a DNP. I'm trying to figure out which pathway would be best since I'm not in a rush to get to a DNP. I've heard some people prefer to start with a MSN and still work on the floor for awhile and saving up more money before finishing up school for the DNP. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or know which would be more cost-effective?
  4. BrittanyRN18

    Mayo New Grad Residency Feb 2017

    How would I be able to access it if I do not have an Employee ID or account yet?
  5. BrittanyRN18

    Mayo Student Nurse Externship

    Hey guys! I did the Summer externship this last summer and would love to answer any questions that you may have. I would definitely recommend this program because I felt like those extra 300 hours of experience helped when applying to jobs and made me feel a lot more competent in my care! For those who are planning to apply, good luck! :)
  6. BrittanyRN18

    ACNP for intermediate care nurse?

    I work on an intermediate care unit but eventually want to start working on an ICU. I know that I will want to start a DNP program in about 1-3 years, do you think I'll gain enough acute care experience on an intermediate unit for the Acute Care Specialty program? Or do you think I should gain at least 1-2 years experience on an ICU first? Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  7. BrittanyRN18

    Mayo New Grad Residency Feb 2017

    For the transplant side it's really help full to know the different transplant meds that are used often (Prograf, Cellcept, Prednisone, Acyclovir, Bactrim, etc.) :)
  8. BrittanyRN18

    Mayo New Grad Residency Feb 2017

    Hey I'm on 3W too! What shift did you get? I'm on days.
  9. BrittanyRN18

    Mayo New Grad Residency Feb 2017

    Finally got the call!! So excited to meet everyone :)
  10. BrittanyRN18

    Mayo New Grad Residency Feb 2017

    Congrats! What unit did you get?
  11. BrittanyRN18

    Mayo New Grad Residency Feb 2017

    You were in the externship?? And you didn't get a background email either?? Because that could be a good sign that they are just using the previous check
  12. BrittanyRN18

    Mayo New Grad Residency Feb 2017

    Now I'm worried because I didn't get a background check email... but I did the externship so is there a possibility they just used that background check since it was this year?? Seriously I feel like the anticipation is the worst part. I really hope we find out this week!
  13. BrittanyRN18

    Mayo New Grad Residency Feb 2017

    Well you can always call HR and ask which position they were interviewing you for. Since it still shows that your application is being reviewed for Critical Care they might have interviewed you for it but forgot to tell you.
  14. BrittanyRN18

    Mayo New Grad Residency Feb 2017

    Did they not give you a copy of the clinical scenarios so that you could read along?
  15. BrittanyRN18

    Mayo New Grad Residency Feb 2017

    From my understanding if you were selected for an ICU interview... you do a "combined" interview instead of two separate. When you did the clinical scenarios questions, did they say med-surg or critical care at the top?