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I'm starting to think about moving to an ICU position in the near future and wanted to know what people thought of the local ICU's as far as coworkers, management, work environment, etc. Any information is welcome! I'm mostly thinking of applying to Mayo Clinic, Honor Health Thompson Peak and Honor Health Shea since they are near me. But would love to hear about Banner, St. Joesph's etc. Thanks in advance :)

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Hoozdo has 15 years experience as a ADN and works as a RN.

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I would rule out St Joe's just because of the parking situation. You have to park off-site and take a bus to the hospital. So imagine after working a 14 hour shift - you have to wait for a bus that runs every half hour to take you offsite to your car. They don't tell you this before they hire you. They reveal this during orientation.

There are numerous Banners, I've worked for two of them. Not a bad company. At Banner Good Sam (now called University Medical Center) there is a LOT of nurse turnover in the ICUs. One thing I love about Banner hospital is the E-ICU. Press a button on the wall and get automatically connected to an ICU intensivist......it makes getting stat orders or advice very easy.

At both St. Joe's and Banner Good Sam you will find the sickest of sick in the PHX metro area which makes it a good learning enviroment. They are both teaching hospitals. Both hospitals have several ICU units that are separated by surgical, medical, and cardiac.

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