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  1. chocoholic1

    2020 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    So if you are accepted, you can switch positions within the same hospital without being kicked out of the program, right?
  2. chocoholic1

    2020 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    I'm planning on applying next year - the website doesn't give very much info. I have confirmed that the hospital I work at qualifies, but does it matter if you work in the OR or PACU (my friend and I both interested in applying next year)? I know some people don't consider those areas to be part of "primary care". Anyone in either of those areas successfully get into the LRP?
  3. chocoholic1

    Not sure CRNA is for me

    Okay I know this post is from many years ago, but do you know if she had to go back to school or was she able to get an NP job with a CRNA degree?
  4. chocoholic1

    Does making the same mistake twice make me a bad nurse?

    Are you new to the OR? If you are, I don't think its a big deal at all. Its hard to get used to. Just learn from it! 🙂
  5. chocoholic1

    Teaching Without A MSN?

    I know this post is from years ago, but to those who were leaving CRNA, what did you wind up doing? Anyone get an NP job without having to go back to school?
  6. chocoholic1

    Life after CRNA school dismissal/withdrawal

    Does anyone know why exactly schools won't accept someone who left another program? I know getting dismissed is bad, but what about people who left for a non-school related matter which has been completely resolved and they want to try going back to (a different) school? So just to be really clear, not dismissed, but withdrew. Has anyone gotten into another CRNA program WITHOUT getting a letter of rec from their former program director? Anyone with any experience in this matter I would really appreciate any insight or advice. Thanks
  7. chocoholic1

    Midwestern university srna class of 2016

    Are those that are applying right now or being interviewed right now applying for a 2019 or 2018 start? I'm assuming they start in the fall? Thanks in advance
  8. chocoholic1

    What has been the most rewarding moment of your nursing career?

    The day that I got to eat lunch. Lol, kidding. I have run into a few former patients out in the world and its great to see them healthy and walking around after seeing them miserable and in bed.
  9. chocoholic1

    I passed the ANCC AG-ACNP boards!

    Awesome! Congrats!
  10. chocoholic1

    nurse/caretaker suppository legality

    I don't know about legal or illegal, but it is likely the agency the caretaker works for that has decided they can't do it just because of any potential liability issue. The caretaker is probably just following agency policy. I agree that maybe a family member should do it or they can look to hire from a different agency. As someone else mentioned there are suppositories sold OTC and the procedure doesn't require special training..
  11. I commend you for deciding to stay even though it will be tough to be away from your family. If you signed a contract I would check to see if there are any stipulations, or check the facility policies. Like you mentioned, I think they probably just said all per diems are required to stay knowing that many wouldn't anyways but saying "all need to work" was their best chance of at least getting some extra staff.
  12. chocoholic1

    Epi Given to Student - My First Time

    Nice job! Good thing you were there :)
  13. chocoholic1

    Looking for possible career change

    You don't necessarily have to leave nursing. For ex, if you have OR experience you can become a scheduler, or look into telemedicine companies. Best of luck with whatever you choose.
  14. chocoholic1

    NCLEX Pearson Vue Trick Ever Wrong??

    I've never heard of it being wrong, but I still wouldn't rely on it, you never know!
  15. chocoholic1

    How do you deal with the conflict in nursing school?

    Since you only have a few months left I would try to ignore it.
  16. chocoholic1

    Favorite shoes

    I think this is something that has to be discovered with trial & error since everyone is different. I like athletic shoes that are designed for walking (pretty similar to running shoes). Most of my co-workers wear the clog-like shoes.