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namaste111 BSN, RN

Rehabilitation, Liver/Kidney Transplant
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namaste111 is a BSN, RN and specializes in Rehabilitation, Liver/Kidney Transplant.

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  1. namaste111

    Aerotek Clinical Research jobs legit?

    Hello, Thank you for responding. Do you have a research position at U of M? I'm taking some newbie clinical trial courses for free on Coursera. Namaste
  2. namaste111

    Aerotek Clinical Research jobs legit?

    Hello everyone, I accepted a job at Aerotek Scientific as a clinical research coordinator with a university doing a COVID vaccine clinical trial. I have a BSN and have always wanted to be a research nurse. They told me it's 3 months to permanent position. If I perform well, they said the university will take me on as a permanent employee. I've read some articles and viewed videos that staffing agencies will tell you anything to take the job, even it's not a long term job. Have any nurses had experience with Aerotek Scientific? Has anyone gotten their start in research nursing through them? Are they a trustworthy company? Thank you!!
  3. namaste111

    List: The 50 State Hotlines for Covid-19

    Thank you very much.
  4. namaste111

    All out of Sterile Gloves

    Have you tried buying them online from sites such as Alibaba? They sell them in bulk.
  5. It appears that at-home COVID-19 rapid tests are available for everybody except the U.S. The FDA is blocking this. I found a ton of this test kits for sale online, one in particular is Alibaba. The president of Alibaba, Mr. Ma, just donated thousands of these test kits to the United States to hospitals only. One kit on the site is titled: FDA CE IGG/IGM Human Individual Detection Antibody Rapid Test Kits. Has anyone seen these tests or taken one? How accurate are they? Do you think the public should have access to buy these kits? The FDA has blocked this because they are not FDA approved. But there are millions of OTC products for sale that aren't FDA approved either. I don't know about the accuracy of these tests, but people are using them in the UK, China, Singapore, etc. Please stay safe!
  6. namaste111

    U of Michigan interview, Advise Please!!

    Well, I have great news, I have a phone interview with U of M tomorrow morning! I was first contacted by the ambulatory transplant center. I'll be speaking with a recruiter tomorrow. Wish me luck!
  7. namaste111

    Abandoning Ship

    Understandably this is a very emotional time for you and physically painful. During moments like these, sometimes people make drastic decisions that they otherwise wouldn't do. Before you throw in the towel on nursing as a profession, why don't you concentrate on your health and family, wait out the storm, no matter how long it takes, and then regroup. I got my BSN at 47, and I wouldn't want to dismiss all that sacrifice. But if it's what you feel is best for your, by all means, you know yourself better than any of us. Good luck and God Speed.
  8. namaste111

    Medical leave ending but no job yet. Accept another?

    I feel absolutely devastated and abandoned by my current unit. After my husband dies unexpectedly just five months ago, that on top of everything else, I have to worry about getting a new job to support my child and myself.
  9. namaste111

    Medical leave ending but no job yet. Accept another?

    I have a phone interview next week for another position at the hospital where I work. Hopefully it goes well. Honestly, I don't want to have to start at a new hospital and go through the orientation period, more preceptors, having to change/transfer benefits. But at least I have a backup plan, right?
  10. namaste111

    Medical leave ending but no job yet. Accept another?

    To 'Just Me', yes I feel I am mentally and physically read to return to work. I wouldn't go back to work unless I knew 100% that I am ready to give safe and competent care to my patients. I wouldn't put my license and livelihood on the line like that. Plus, I have a child to support. I sacrificed 9 years of my life to get a second degree, my BSN. I can, I will, and I must follow my purpose God gave me. Jolie, Thanks for bringing up the issue about me having to possibly pay for my benefits, I hope I don't. Thank you!
  11. First, I hope everyone is safe and well. My medical leave of absence is ending on 3/25/20. I don't know if I can return to the unit I was at because I had performance issues related to my husband's death. HR told me I have 30 days from 3/25 to find another job or I'm terminated. I was offered another job at another hospital. Should I take it?
  12. namaste111

    U of Michigan interview, Advise Please!!

    Thank you for the great advise. I have done a lot of research and put everything in a notebook. Unfortunately, my interview was postponed until April because of COVID-19.
  13. namaste111

    Should I mention husband passing reason for relocating?

    I'm not going to tell them about my husband, just that I'm relocating. I got a call half way to the interview and I got a call saying that they had to cancel the interview because of the coronavirus. They said they still want to interview me and the position will remain open. Ugh!
  14. namaste111

    Should I mention husband passing reason for relocating?

    You got it, I totally understand. Less personal information is better. Thank you
  15. I have a job interview tomorrow that I really want. It's in another state because my husband passed away not too long ago, and I need to be closer to family for childcare reasons. If they ask me why I'm relocating should I mention that? Why or why not? Thanks
  16. namaste111

    On FMLA, Can't Go Back To Old Job, Now what?

    I had a long phone call with my daughter's 6th grade teacher a couple of days ago. She said her and another teacher at her school would take care of her when I'm at work if I have to work 3 12-hr shifts. I don't know if that's enough of a deal to keep me in Ohio. What do you all think? They both are married with children. I'd have to drop my child off at 'their' house at 6 a.m., I'd have to pick my child up at 'their' house between 8 and 10 p.m. when shifts run over. What about if she's sick? During the Summer she'd be basically living with them for three days plus the one weekend per month I have to work. How much "support" do you all expect as far as childcare? Can you count on them 100%?