Aerotek Clinical Research jobs legit?

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Hello everyone,

I accepted a job at Aerotek Scientific as a clinical research coordinator with a university doing a COVID vaccine clinical trial. I have a BSN and have always wanted to be a research nurse. They told me it's 3 months to permanent position. If I perform well, they said the university will take me on as a permanent employee.

I've read some articles and viewed videos that staffing agencies will tell you anything to take the job, even it's not a long term job.

Have any nurses had experience with Aerotek Scientific? Has anyone gotten their start in research nursing through them? Are they a trustworthy company?

Thank you!!

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Aerotek is trustworthy. I got into a UM position through them. You will have to prove yourself to the university, in order to receive an offer of employment by them. That could take 3 months, could take longer. In the meantime, Aerotek gets about 20 percent of what your university salary will be. The name of the game when starting out with a recruitment agency. Good luck!


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Thank you for responding.

Do you have a research position at U of M? I'm taking some newbie clinical trial courses for free on Coursera.