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acute care, case management
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cori_ has 8 years experience as a LVN and specializes in acute care, case management.

LVN currently in RN - Associate's Degree program. Graduate June 2020.

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  1. cori_

    CNI College - ADN Application Process

    Only accept pre-reqs within 1 year. I know, it sucks!
  2. cori_

    CNI College - ADN Application Process

    I started last year. There is no waitlist. It is competitive. But if you don't get in the first try, try again. You'll eventually get in.
  3. cori_

    NSO student

    If you're an LVN, and have NSO, you need to add RN Student. I just paid $100 for both.
  4. Study the TEAS yellow book from Amazon. That's the best $20! Basic math, English, sciences. Focus on chem (I got a bunch of chem questions) and basic biology. If you don't pass the 1st time, that's ok! Try again! Believe me a bunch of people take the...
  5. cori_

    Optum UnitedHealth Group CM

    I love working for UHG. Well, they’re the big umbrella. I’m under Optum. And you can really see the impact we have in the community. The name is known. A great work/life balance. Amazing benefits! Can’t complain.
  6. cori_

    Get organized in ALL ways!

    It's important to be organized and keep track of your schedule for class time, study time, and homework time. I got myself a planner. Make it your own with Stickers, colored pens, washi tape, and a good template. I have a planner for my life. I have ...
  7. cori_

    CNI College - ADN Application Process

    Did you start in April?
  8. cori_

    CNI College ADN April 2018

    Not in April cohort. I pushed back. So now starting June 2018. What happened to you?
  9. Travel nursing ?
  10. cori_

    CNI College ADN April 2018

    Awesome! I'm going tomorrow to finish up my paperwork. Eek! Nervous about the DON interview.
  11. cori_

    CNI College ADN April 2018

    Omg! Congrats! Maybe we'll be in the same cohort? How was the interview? I'll send you a private message as well.
  12. cori_

    CNI College ADN April 2018

    I just passed the TEAS! Yay. Applying to CNI College for April 2nd, 2018 start date. Anyone else?
  13. I'm trying to get in. It's what works best for me. And yes they do take pre-read.
  14. cori_

    lvn to bsn

    You would need to take pre-reqs before you apply to an outside school. I mean outside of the private sector. Have you considered doing the ADN with ACC?
  15. cori_

    American Career College LA RN

    Bump! Same question. Already went to info session. Need to take HESI! Accepting applications for next year February 2018 start date.