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  1. I'm currently finishing up my pre nursing AA but due to the overwhelming amount of competition in asn and BSN programs I can't seem to get my foot in the door. Especially since most BSN programs require an ASN in south florida instead of an AA and th...
  2. I applied to the miami dade college nursing program but did not get in, I passed the ATI with a 70% and had finished all the required perquisites for that program, I had hoped to score higher but nonetheless I applied. What I would like to know is wh...
  3. ICU in the military

    Wow! That's awesome. I had assumed that landing a job in the ICU as a new grad would be very very difficult that is why i had the military route in mind. Are their certain requirements for the fellowships? Or is it pretty straightforward? Also around...
  4. ICU in the military

    Hello I am currently a senior and I am interested in becoming a crna but prior to that i have other worries such as getting into a good college etc. I am curious about post grad from nursing school. Can you go to a military branch as a nurse and work...
  5. How to become a RN with a BSN

    This is what i keep saying because the college i am interested in requires an AA to get into the bsn program
  6. How to become a RN with a BSN

    So i can either go straight into a bsn program which is more difficult and i would have to find one that doesnt require an AA, or i can get an AA in 2 years and through a bridge program go into my bsn which will also be more or less 2 years?
  7. How to become a RN with a BSN

    I have been doing some research and it's gotten more confusing then clear, I am interested in becoming a crna but to do that you must first get a bsn. Now the question is what is the best way to do it? I read that you can jump straight into a BSN pro...
  8. Advice for career as CRNA

    Thank you, this is somewhat relevant but could i go straight into getting a bsn after high school or is an AA required?
  9. Advice for career as CRNA

    What route would you recommend on being the quickest and debt free to become a crna?
  10. Advice for career as CRNA

    I am currently a junior in high school, I am interested in medicine and hope to get into the field of anesthesia (CRNA) but I would like to prepare as much as possible and get advice from people with experience. What I would like to do is take 2 year...