Good ASN or LPN programs in south florida?


I applied to the miami dade college nursing program but did not get in, I passed the ATI with a 70% and had finished all the required perquisites for that program, I had hoped to score higher but nonetheless I applied. What I would like to know is what good Asn programs could I apply to near miami? I've done some research and am overwhelmed by all the options, and requirements. I've even looked into some lpn programs but also have difficulty with finding a good program or even deciding which route to take lpn or RN. I'm 22 and simply overthink everything so any advice would be great :)


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hello, I cannot recommend a good nursing school, but I can tell you which ones are bad. I hope this helps. Th problem with south florida is that there are so many nursing schools that are approved and not accredited. I don't want anyone to make the same mistakes as me.

-HCI (health career institue) this school is has opened 2 camupuses so far. They are both on probation. The school changed their name from health career institute to hci college.

-Cambridge college of healthcare and technology: I made the mistake of attending this school. I made it to the very end of the program, and was not allowed to graduate. Please be careful with these school here in florida. They will take your money and run with it.

Look into chamberlain, or arizona college. <-- for RN


For LPN, try Atlantic Technical College. It is ACEN acreddited, and very easy to get into. The tuition is very cheap too. It is 12 months and the schedule is M-F from 7-1:45pm , GOOD LUCK!


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Have you looked at Broward? They accepted some people last year with a 2.5. Maybe check them out.