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Lovelymeeh17 specializes in Pre-nursing.

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  1. Lovelymeeh17

    San Jacinto fall of 2021

    I just received my denial letter. Congratulations to everyone who was accepted ??? I’m sure you’ll be excellent future nurses ?
  2. Lovelymeeh17

    San Jacinto fall of 2021

    I thought all that stuff had to be done except the blue card and physical to even apply. I see I need to learn how to read obviously ?. Also, I thought we’d hear from Central today. I guess it’s taking a little longer.
  3. Lovelymeeh17

    San Jacinto fall of 2021

    I definitely thought about the fact that every applicant also could have gotten the covid update but I’m gonna pretend it means we got in ?
  4. Lovelymeeh17

    Waitlisted ?

    Nothing to do except wait. Students will have until a certain date to Inform the school that are accepting or rejecting their spots. After that the school will contact you about next steps.
  5. Lovelymeeh17

    San Jacinto fall of 2021

    Did you hear back from any of the other schools you applied for yet?
  6. Lovelymeeh17

    San Jacinto fall of 2021

    I hope we hear something soon.
  7. Lovelymeeh17

    San Jacinto fall of 2021

    Thank you. That’s so kind of you to offer. May I ask what the required % is to pass each course? I can’t seem to find that information anywhere. Also, did you use elsevier, Kaplan, course point, HESI, etc? Thanks in advance
  8. Lovelymeeh17

    San Jacinto fall of 2021

    I think you can get a 95 on the HESI. I got a 96 and it was probably because I didn’t pay attention to some questions. There were definitely some more I should have got right. But I understand the B situation, I got a C years ago in English which put...
  9. Lovelymeeh17

    San Jacinto fall of 2021

    Thank you so much. I appreciate that. I was originally applying to a 4 year university that didn’t require any of the castle branch items until after you were accepted so I admit I am a little unprepared ?. I just set up an appointment Monday with a...
  10. Lovelymeeh17

    San Jacinto fall of 2021

    Hello All I’m applying at some point. I’m coming from out of state so it’s been A LOT trying to figure everything out on my own. I applied to the school Monday, went and had blood work for titers done and drug test Tuesday, Completed my BLS CPR ...
  11. Lovelymeeh17

    San Jacinto College ADN-Spring 2021

    Did anyone ever figure out what was the lowest rubric score accepted?
  12. Lovelymeeh17

    MDC Miami Dade College NURSING Spring 2021

    Does anyone happen to know if this program goes through Summer? Or are summers off/no school?
  13. Lovelymeeh17


    I think the best advice would be to contact the school and ask.
  14. Hello Again.

    Not sure if you remember but you gave me advice on taking A&P through Edukan. I’m almost done in 2 weeks and I love it! Lots of work but it’s not terrible.

    I wanted to know how was A&p2? Mine is with a different instructor than I have currently and I’m wondering if it has as much busy work as A&P1? I’m debating on taking Micro at the same time but I work as well and don’t want to over do it. Just trying to get done so I can study for my HESI/TEAS.

    1. lanitsunami


      Hello I hope you are well and finding success in your classes. 

      For A&P 1, I took a 6 week course and the assignments were for 1 module was reading the chapter, Discussion post + 3 additional post, ( I don't remember if I had lab sorry) chapter quiz and exam. In this course we did 3 modules a week. 


      For A&P 2, I'm taking a 8 week course and the assignments are reading the chapter, discussion post + 2 additional posts, a crossword puzzle, physio lab (virtual lab stimulation), a lab quiz and chapter exam. In this course we're doing 2 modules a week. So A&P 2 definitely has more work than A&P 1, especially the lab stimulation because those can take a lot of your time. 

      I was planning on taking A&P 2 and Micro at the same time but then I got a new job so I decided not to do it. I only work part time but I'm glad I didn't take both because working and taking both would have been overwhelming so I wouldn't recommend. 

    2. Lovelymeeh17


      Thank you! Just passed my A&p1 class with an A. Taking A&p2 starting next week. I’ve decided to take it by itself and use the other time to study for the HESI. Thanks again.

  15. Lovelymeeh17

    Good ASN or LPN programs in south florida?

    Have you looked at Broward? They accepted some people last year with a 2.5. Maybe check them out.