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Where can do LPN-BSN in south florida ?

by dfdgsag dfdgsag (New) New

I'm currently finishing up my pre nursing AA but due to the overwhelming amount of competition in asn and BSN programs I can't seem to get my foot in the door. Especially since most BSN programs require an ASN in south florida instead of an AA and the ASN programs themselves are  very competitive, and I don't have the patience to keep waiting to get in. I'm planning to take an alternative route and complete my pre nursing AA and then get my LPN to get my foot in the door, get experience Etc . What I would like to know is my only option to get my LPN-ASN and then apply to a BSN program with that ? or is it possible to do LPN-BSN directly? I would have an AA already and most of the credits and as a lpn I've seen it's easier to get into a program.