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  1. Mr. Nightingale

    Catheterization, Proper Sterile Technique..

    Make sure to get a GOOD Grasp so you can keep a sterile technique. I always thought Cathing people was easy peasy til i had to dig in, push with some force, trendelenberg, wink wink method. Lol. Both for male and female. Oh and whats those special male caths for bph guys?
  2. Mr. Nightingale

    Should I find another job?

    Thank you!
  3. Mr. Nightingale

    Should I find another job?

    Hey guys! I started a new job in Step down progressive care in Aug 2016. I was given 10 weeks orientation and everything is looking good. However d/t low census I have been put on Standby (called off) to work 15 times and counting. My PTO is all used. Im really not the type of person who whines and work and doesnt do a good job but I jus want to know what makes you stay at a job? I don't want to be a job hopper either. i also emailed management about this being called off to work d/t census. And theres no policy for it. They say they have this book where they rotate who gets called off but thats not true at all. -there is so much expansion and plans to advance their facility but I havent had a manager talk to me how Im doing after i finished my preceptorship. also they dont stock XL gloves on the unit. Lol. P.S i work for on of the best hospital chains in my state
  4. Mr. Nightingale

    Sick of floor nursing, what now?

    I suggest taking a couple months off work under FMLA or stress leave to reflect on your life as well as your career and what you really want. I know this sounds probably unreaslistic however im sure it will help.
  5. Mr. Nightingale

    Rough Day, Need Help, encouragemnt

    Take a couple days off or get sick for 3 days and have fun, relax, treat yourself for a successful shift. You made it thru! Your patients are alive. You called the shots made sure they were stable. Ive worked Skilled and Hospital and I tell every person nursing is no joke. The day just like you described is the essence of nursing- it wrings the reasons why u want to be a nurse and what makes u stay. Just a few points btw.. you had a stat ct scan and patient was dirty and tech was in other room... I advise you change your whole shift as u being the commander. First tell your charge whats going on and ask dor help. If it was super overwhelming u have to communicate and say ur overloaded.... second be firm with techs.. I need you to stop whatever ur doing and come here its urgent. skim thru the lights just to make sure theyre ok and will not code tell them to wait u will be back ( do not tell them how long) This is where the REAL Sata questions, delegation and priority stuff come in. p.s- you should have told that CT scan tech to throw that stinky poop if he was just looking. Im sure you did awesome!!! You rock. Ask for help! NEver take a patient without report period except an admission.
  6. Mr. Nightingale

    Stuck up RN?

    My mom is stuck up lol. Im not blaming the nicu nurses or one significant person. im trying to understand whats causing her inablity To succeed in a job and if this can be related to her "traumatic first job as an rn years back.
  7. Mr. Nightingale

    Stuck up RN?

    She finished in the Philippines and has her BSN. I honestly think LVN or RN, work is work and it ends up being a routine. We nurses deal with life and its a no joke job. My take on this is that 30-50% of new RNs quit nursing before the first year- she was part of this statistics and did a comeback which is not going so well. Its weird cuz I think she has some type of nursing PTSD- her struggles in her job that pull her are going too far and beyond- like extensive charting, not doing "shortcuts", formal assessments which makes her look like weak one where in fact cannot be 100% true. Its weird. I guess I'll rest my case. Probably hope she can get a clinic job and do fairly well.
  8. Mr. Nightingale

    Stuck up RN?

    After her traumatic First RN job in NICU she actually pursued what you suggested. Worked with 1 pediatric patient with c/p etc. I motivated her to try something different because she wanted also to prove that she can be an RN. Sadly that hasnt been effective. Btw mom is healthy, no communication barrier and is beautiful. Lol. At home she is definition of a nurse at how she does things. Shes not on any psych meds lol. I think her work experience is a little complicated. 1980-2000 = LVN in m/s ( no problem, no delays in work etc) 2001-6mos = traumatized first rn NICU 2001= still did Little rn work in LTC, registry 2001-2005= left nursing took masters as an excuse 2005-2011= worked 1:1 in home care 2011= RN refresher 2012= home health doing ok 2013- present==== not lasting in facility, job hopping cuz of performance. Resigning before getting fired
  9. Mr. Nightingale

    Stuck up RN?

    Thanks for your response. Her first job as an RN was in the NICU. She was an LVN doing M/S for about 5-6 years. Her first job as an RN in NICU as she recalls was very traumatic in which she was basically forced to quit. ( manager asking her math questions, ration and proportion, telling her not to touch anything unless being told) fyi: she was not written up, or did any mistake that put her patients on the line. I see my mom as super detail oriented, its as if every patients in the ICU. Charting in detail. Whats just so bizarre is in these past 2 years of me setting her up with new RN jobs. The same outcome is happening where shes not effective. I keep telling her to introspect since she worked as an LVN for many years keeping the same job. What baffles me is after that first Job in NICU it vasically destroyed her. i tell her to focus on the routine and jus make sure her patients are ok.
  10. Mr. Nightingale

    Bored, Burned out?

    Almost hitting my first year mark as an RN and it has been a wonderful experience. so far had 3 jobs since. I first worked in a small rural hospital doing med surg and staffing was really low so I left and worked in as SNF to have some income- the mgt was super nice to hire me fulltime knowing i was looking for a hospital job and finally am working in a stepdown unit. First realization: Nursing is no joke and it is challenging. Second: after 12 hours shifts i feel like i just want to be quiet and not care or attend to other peoples needs. third: safe and effective care always first but i feel a little bored doing M/S or stepdown. Im still not fully accepting if nursing really is for me. Im able to do the whole routine and keep my patients safe and needs met but I honestly genuinely don't really super care. I don't know if im becoming selfish or lazy. I show empathy and build rapport. I also look out and assess each pt and do everything to the dot but deep down sometimes in those "nurse style talk and work" im like *** am i doing.... i honestly think this stems from me not being fully healthy myself but the hospital truly isnt a happy place:) im not really sad or emo about this. I jus want to know how all the other nurses truly feel about their work. one thing more is that im really heavy like almost 400 lbs. im working on it but the same way i need to make money and damn the stress in nursing makes u wanna eat and sleep after 3 12hrs! how do you guys feel after 1 year,3-5 or 10+ years in nursing?
  11. Mr. Nightingale

    Stuck up RN?

    Hey fellow RN's! Im reaching out to you today regarding my mom who has also been an RN since 2001. Mom worked as an LVN for many years in med surg in a hospital setting and as charge nurse in LTC. She challenged RN boards in 2001 and got hired at a residency im NICU- she was really motivated and inspired to start an RN career however she got terminated and fired and pretty much bullied by her manager and co-workers for a variety of reasons- per mom she said the unit was just too close knit and theyre jus didnt get along with her and did everything to make it hard for til she quit. Fyi- mom cries and remembers that experienced til this day. It made it sick to her stomach and bones and the bullying they did that she took an LVN 1:1 pediatric job for 6!years after that. Fast forward: since that new LPN job Ive encouraged my mom to try new RN opportunties luckily she got IN..BUTT shes not lasting too long and always having problems RN Hospice job: 10mos Charting piled up where she couldnt catch up til the company just asked her to resign voluntarily ( very lengthy charting, specific like ICU style or head to toe etc) RN Skilled: 7 months: always stayed 2-4 hours post night shift to finish charting and always late on med pass. My moms never does shortcuts or throw meds or not give em. present job Rehab: so she has 8-9 px but still stays 3-4 hours to finish past clock out. Charting delays and admission paper work all these jobs involved mgr and co workers branding her and getting irritated with her on the job. my moms pleasant and intelligent but I dont know whats wrong? Is it still being stuck up from her very first experience unconsciouslly? Or maybe her personality isnt fit?
  12. Mr. Nightingale

    I passed! 75 Q's 3rd Try

    Hello There Ln, Just logged back in here! Hows your RN Journey!