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    Board Vitals for AANP Exam

    wow, looking at this thread after a year. I passed February 2016. I can honestly say that Board vitals really helped me pass along with Leik. Hope this thread helps others. :)

    CVS Minute Clinic

    I agree- completely. thank u

    Certified Medical Examiner

    Thank you very much!

    Certified Medical Examiner

    Hi all, I will be taking the Certified Medical Examiner exam in a week. I took the course and have been preparing for it. For those who have taken the exam was it difficult or pretty straight forward? Did you do practice questions prior to taking the exam? Thanks! This exam is needed for my job, therefore, I am *a little* nervous about it. Any suggestions/advice are welcome!!

    Np va pa

    When considering a career as a PA or a NP you must consider the scope of practice in the state that you are practicing in.

    Leik Intensive Review Course

    This is WAY overdue, but I want to let you know that I passed the AANP in February using Leik's course. The information that she provided in her course was brief and was to the point. highly recommended!


    good idea, thank you

    CVS Minute Clinic

    Hi! I am a new FNP and I will be working full time CVS Minute clinic starting in a few weeks. I will be working 3-4 days a week with rotating weekends. I have a few questions for you. 1. Would you recommend getting a supplemental job in addition to my full time job? (I am also open to volunteering...) 2. If yes, what other opportunities are out for their for APRN's looking for supplemental jobs? Thank you


    Hello! I will be starting a new job at CVS Minute clinic and I am looking to volunteer during my free time. I did a thorough search and I can't find any local organizations in South Carolina. I live very close to Charlotte and would prefer to volunteer closer to home. I am licensed as an APRN only in SC. I am interested in volunteering in schools, retirement homes, etc. Thank you!

    Please advise..New NP in urgent care as a sole provider

    I agree-- it totally depends on ur comfort level. Btw, have you looked into working at cvs minute clinic. They offer shifts that are ~10 hours. (3-4 days a week). you are a sole provider at the clinic and you do handle payments, but i think as a new grad it may be a good opportunity.
  11. I went to a school that was rather expensive... I have graduated and waiting on my license to start working. Anyway, as many have said, you have a lot of factors to consider. However, you should definitely think about and do what works for you....also, you can inquire if your state provides loan forgiveness post graduation. That is something to consider.

    How to get DOT certificate

    Will you be working for CVS minute clinic? I am and I am also required to take the course and exam.

    APEA vs FHEA

    Hi I recently took my boards and I found APEA to be helpful out of the two. Fitzgerald is great, I took her class ( afew months before graduation) and while her course helped me during residency I found that I was super overwhelmed with the material. Amelie of APEA really breaks down the material and simplifies it. She is rather interesting. If you supplement her course with the Leik book you are golden! good luck to you!

    Board Vitals for AANP Exam

    e8y82002, You mentioned that you were getting about 50% right on board vitals, I have taken several 150Q timed exams (maybe about ~7 to 8 exams thus far) and I am averaging a 65%. Were you taking full length exams and scoring on average 50%? My AANP exam is on tuesday and just getting a little anxious about my overall score. What is a little reassuring is that my overall percentile rank (compared to others) is 79% (national average is 69%). Thanks again for your tremendous help and advice. I truly appreciate it! :)

    Board Vitals for AANP Exam

    Oh thank you so much for telling me that. I feel much better. I actually just took an EENT subject test (50 questions only) and scored a 68%... I was pretty disappointed about my score. I found that some of the subject questions were repeated (~2-4 questions). I hope to score higher, b/c I have been studying very hard, but this is definitely reassuring. Thanks again!

    Board Vitals for AANP Exam

    Thank you both for your kind response. Based on your review of Board Vitals, I purchased a one month subscription. I have only done ~50 questions so far, but I have to say, these are challenging! It is good, because I want to be challenged at this point. It allows me to critically think and it is very helpful. Thanks again!