pediatrics,gerontology,skilled nursing
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Mommynursegrace has 9 years experience and specializes in pediatrics,gerontology,skilled nursing.

Licensed vocational nurse in California for 9 years specialize in acute care pediatrics and geriatric nursing.

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  1. International College of Health Sciences

    Hello all, would love to join you guys in this school starting February! Here’s my email: Maybe we all can go together to do clinicals and that GAP coz it seems like most of us here are not from Florida? I only need to take M...
  2. The 9 prerequisites for ISU

    Thank u so much for the info.
  3. The 9 prerequisites for ISU

    Questions for those who know this school too well; Indiana State University Lpn to BSN bridge program online, the 9 prerequisites, is it possible to clep out and do the excelsior exam for all of it without having to go on class? Is it possible to tes...
  4. please message me, I need some help and a lot of questions. gracetrabucco at gmail dot com
  5. Hi could you please email me I have some questions... gracetrabucco at gmail dot com...please I need some help
  6. Starting WKU's ONLINE Lpn-RN Program!

    wow! So it's every week?and how many months is the 2nd semester?...thanks much for the answers
  7. Starting WKU's ONLINE Lpn-RN Program!

    I am trying to get into the program even though I'm from Washington state, anybody knows how many hours are the clinicals?
  8. Unable to endorse my license

    Another question, in regards to the NCLEX, if you took it and got your license,like in my case do I still have to retake it? I mean once you passed the NCLEX you do not need to retake it correct?
  9. Unable to endorse my license

    Hi all, I am a nurse (LVN) in California for almost 10 years and now I am unable to endorse my license over here in Washington state and probably most of the states since I have not finished any nursing program,well I actually almost did but due to d...
  10. Indiana State University LPN Bridge Program

    opening this thread up,I know it has been a year but I have some questions...please keep in touch as I have more questions gracetrabucco at gmail dot com. Thank you
  11. Sumner College RN Program in Oregon

    I did google them! I was asking people that have enrolled or are currently enrolled in this program.If you are not enrolled or currently enrolled then stop the trolling because you're not helping. I am not a dumb ass as what u assumed! I am currently...
  12. Sumner College RN Program in Oregon

    Anybody enrolled in this school?What is their pass rate? Is it BON accredited yet? Anybody who graduated were they able to sit for the NCLEX?Please need answers asap I don't want to waste money and time on something not worth it....Thank you