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    Help with FNP Boards

    I was wondering if I could get some advice with the FNP boards. I signed up for both the AANP and ANCC (mostly so I would have a backup, but I didn't really feel that I needed it). I took my AANP about a week ago and failed it. I have not received the breakdown of what I did wrong yet. I am scheduled for my ANCC test next week. I did the Hollier live review about a month ago and I scheduled the Walden one for this Friday. I just really don't know where to go with my studying. I've been re-watching the Hollier videos and looking through the Leik book.. I do at least 100 practice questions from various sources each night and usually score in the 70s, which is also weird to me because throughout my program I mostly had all A's. I never have had an issue with standardized tests before. I'm (usually) one of those annoying people that just naturally does well on tests. I was honestly pretty shocked that I failed.. I didn't feel good leaving the exam, but you never do. But going into it, I felt good with the material and even mastered some things that just would not click before. Now I'm basically in a constant state of stress and I'm pretty psyched out about this next test after bombing the last one. Also, I signed a contract months ago and I'm supposed to be beginning orientation in June, so that's adding a bit of pressure as well. Any suggestions or people who have been in the same boat would be greatly appreciated.