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    Advice on work

    Hey everyone, I'm currently halfway through my first semester of the FNP program at TAMU (part time track), and so far it's going well. I am working 20 hours a week for a small hospice company and it's been ok as far as schedule flexibility goes, but lately I find myself wishing I was back at the bedside. For one, although I'm working from home mostly, the after hours requirements are irritating. I loathe being on call and getting contacted on my dedicated off days. I never feel like I can ever really leave work at work, so when I'm on call I don't really ever relax enough to sleep well even though my call time only adds up to about a week per month. Also, I find that I can't compartmentalize my emotions as well as I could when I first started doing hospice (this is my second hospice job). Because of these things I've been looking at returning to bedside care, but I'm having a hard time getting hired PRN, of course, since I've been away too long, so I am considering FT now and going PRN later. Anyone have a similar experience or advice? Part of me wants to leave my current position for more peace of mind, and part of me says suck it up for now. Graduation is 2 years off and I don't want to make the wrong decicion. Sorry this is so long, I'm just trying to figure things out. Thanks!
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    Hospice PRN in TX

    North Austin area