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Hospice PRN in TX


Hello everyone. Just need a little insight. I am starting graduate school in the fall this year, and I currently work M-F 8-5 as a chronic care nurse navigator (fancy term for case management). My supervisor previously told me that there is a chance for me to go PT here, but I have a feeling that as the program progresses, I will need more flexible time for clinical during the week. So, I am looking for real word experience with good hospice agencies in TX for PRN positions. I have 3 years experience as a hospice CM, loved it, and the company was great, at first, until I began to experience how toxic the administration was. I have looked at 3 big names in my area so far, I just don't want to get stuck with a lemon again. Thanks in advance! PM or email me so we don't put anyone on blast, lol.

10 minutes ago, Kittypower said:

Where exactly in TX are you looking?

North Austin area

SRWRN did you find a good hospice co? I’m relocating to the Austin area and afraid to get a “lemon” hospice as well!

Lol, the struggle is real unfortunately. However, I have a hospice administrator friend working for a company who created a PT position for me. It's a growing hospice so they are new to my area, but it suits my needs at the moment. I went with him because I know the team and he's willing to be flexible with my schedule as needed. I hope you find what you're looking for! Maybe start with a larger agency since they usually have better staffing.


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