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NewGradRN_CA is a ADN and specializes in Corrections.

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  1. First job as an RN and I’m so immensely grateful for the opportunity. It’s one of the best paying jobs in the county, I’m working shift hours I prefer, and everything about working in corrections seems to fit me perfectly. I love my job and feel up to accomplishing the expectations that have been set for me. My one problem is with management..  Maybe I’ve been too lucky in the past. I’ve been in the medical field for 8 years and have always been a favorite of my employers and friends with coworkers. Here I feel that I am reprimanded for the weirdest things. I do my job well for someone who is brand new but then get absolutely destroyed for things like 1. Asking if they have a fit testing class for their organizations chosen N-95 mask. (Was threatened to be sent home if I didn’t feel comfortable wearing an unfit mask on a COVID exposed dorm). 2. Not being “attached to the hip of my trainer” (I was only away for a minute to use the restroom). 3. Talking to a peer about his children after doing medication count during shift change (because his gf gets jealous and it was perceived as flirting). It’s been three weeks and I feel like I’m walking on egg shells. When I was hired my manager was overly nice and told me that they were like family on the unit. While my coworkers are totally chill I’m feeling a bit bait and switched from the higher ups. How do folks deal with hyper vigilant management styles? I’m at a lost. Signed, A new grad nurse just trying not to *** up.
  2. NewGradRN_CA

    Ohio University RN-to-BSN Program

    Does anybody know what the GPA requirement is?
  3. NewGradRN_CA

    Requirements for rn to bsn program?

    I wanted to participate in Chico's online program, but I recently found out that you have to first gain 30 credits with their school to apply.. I'm wondering what other schools may have an online program and if the GPA requirement is high? I was kind of hoping it might be easier to get into the bsn program because i'll already be an RN.
  4. NewGradRN_CA

    Requirements for rn to bsn program?

    The nearest bsn program is three hours away and I'd still have to apply to there school and then wait on the list there. I just figure that this program will get me working as a nurse the sooner than any other option I have (besides lvn). I want to be prepared to continue my education though and am at lost as to how good of grades I need and where to apply.
  5. NewGradRN_CA

    Tattoos and nursing

    oh, I'm new at this! Thank you!
  6. NewGradRN_CA

    Tattoos and nursing

    I would really love to get a moon phase tattoo on the inside of my right arm. I am a pre nursing student and plan on covering the tattoo during interviews, but I am curious as to how big of a deal tattoos can be in the nursing field? I would ultimately like to be a NP one day. Thank you!
  7. NewGradRN_CA

    Requirements for rn to bsn program?

    I'm finished with my pre reqs for the associate program in my area and I'm currently on the wait list. (approx. 2 years long) I want start a bsn program as soon as I finish my associates so i'd like to use this wait time to knock out some pre recs I might need when I start applying for an accelerated rn-BSN program. I'm not sure where in CA to apply after I get my associates and I'm not sure what GPA i'll be expected to have. I'm having trouble finding this information and would love any and all advice! Thank you so much!