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  1. NCLEX and licensing with 2 OLD DUI's

    Carl Winslow thank you for sharing your story and struggle throughout the licensing process. I live in AZ and have a misdemeanor DUI from 2010 and I graduate this May. I am so worried about getting my ATT and being able to sit for NCLEX. Your story g...
  2. Current Banner Employees

    Hey Rachael! You've answered some of my questions in the past. Thanks for the response! Are you a New Grad? If my memory serves me correctly it wasn't long ago you were a student. I really want to land in the ICU or the ER as a new grad. It seems mo...
  3. Current Banner Employees

    Hey all, i am looking for some information about Banner in general. I work in the HH system but have been casually offered a position at a Banner ICU as an aide. Is anyone within the Banner Network able to answer some questions for me. I've heard a...
  4. How do YOU like SCC?

    Thanks for the info. I hope they keep this going I would love to do block 3 over the summer next year!
  5. How do YOU like SCC?

    When did you hear about block 3/4 over the summer? Any additional information would appreciated!
  6. Maricopa Comm College CEP Fall 2017 Applicants

    Not yet, check this link for updates.
  7. Maricopa comm college CEP Applicants fall 2017

    Tiahna, Can you clarify why you are worried about getting placed as Traditional? I've recently had some correspondence with district and a response to one of my questions led me to believe that IF we don't make the cut for CEP this round that we may ...
  8. Maricopa Comm College CEP Fall 2017 Applicants

    So no news is good news?
  9. Maricopa Comm College CEP Fall 2017 Applicants

    I saw one post for someone who was accepted to UIU/SCC... I am waiting on UIU/MCC...
  10. UIU CEP Hybrid or Online

    Hi AmberinAZ, I am happy to share my experience thus far with you! I turned in my CEP application with MCC on December 24th, just after Grades posted from the Fall semester. The advisor told me that for the last placement cycle, Mesa had 85 CEP spots...
  11. UIU CEP Hybrid or Online

    AZBlueBell, thank you for sharing your experience. I might choose the hybrid, it just depends on what MCCCD school I am placed at. My first choice is Mes Day (UIU Hybrid compatible), then Mesa Afternoon (mostly UIU Hybrid compatible), and Gateway Da...
  12. UIU CEP Hybrid or Online

    Rachaelofcourse, you are always an informative source of information. Thank you so much! I called the advisor at UIU and we got it all figured out.
  13. UIU CEP Hybrid or Online

    I know the UIU CEP program is newer than others and not a lot of cohorts have been through it. I am vexxed between chosing which to do. I prefer face to face classes. The hybrid program spends 3-4 hours every other week in the classroom setting while...
  14. Mayo Student Nurse Externship

    Interesting! This is new information to me. Can you post a link to this? How did you find out about this program? I'd also love to hear from anyone that has done this in the past.
  15. ASU vs NAU vs UIU

    Go right now. I was the first student the advisor saw today and there were no other students waiting when I left.