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  1. gemiknight75

    Alvin Community College (Texas)

    Anyone have an idea of how the class schedule is the first semester of the LVN program?
  2. gemiknight75

    Alvin Community College (Texas)

    I was looking on the Alvin CC page and it says the GPA is based on the completed courses and not those in progress. With that being said, has ACC admitted anyone with A&P in progress? I know they say in theory you can have a 4.0 in the other courses (ENGL & PSYC) but should a prospective student bother applying with the aforementioned A&P in progress? In that scenario ACC only says that all prerequisites be complete prior to the start of class. Their #1 criteria seems to be HESI scores followed by completed prerequisite GPA. 
  3. gemiknight75

    Pathway Advice please

    Unfortunately, life changes have me.looking at these options for nursing school. Option 1. LVN Aug 2019 - Aug 2020 Transition Program Jun 2021 - Jun 2022 Option 2. EMT-B now EMT-P Aug 2019 - Aug 2020 Transition Program Jun 2021 - Jun 2022 Option 3. A&P 1 this summer ADN Jan 2020 - Jun 2021 I'm desperate to get out of working 70hr weeks in restaurants. The first two options just get me away from the industry sooner. Looking at it on paper I should go with Option 3. But I welcome your opinions on the other options.
  4. I didn't see a thread for this and it's a small program. I do want to get info on if anyone is applying, weekly schedules (those already there), the impending commute (it won't bother me, I drove from Jersey Village to Conroe 7 days a week for work) and what to expect.
  5. gemiknight75

    Quick Course search help

    I'm trying to apply to Lone Star for their nursing program (LVN now). Does anyone know where I can take a fast track Intro A&P course that will transfer in? I am desperate.
  6. gemiknight75

    Fall 2019 Lonestar Hopefuls

    Here it is
  7. gemiknight75

    Fall 2019 Lonestar Hopefuls

    No. To my knowledge, A&P I and Engl 1 are the classes and HESI is the exam. Maybe they take the higher of the English courses, but the scoring sheet is online.
  8. gemiknight75

    Northeast Texas CC

    Has Anyone taken A&P I here and if so do you know of anyplace that has a lab kit that isn't so doggone expensive?
  9. gemiknight75

    Fall 2019 Lonestar Hopefuls

    Thanks, Nancy. I am really trying for an A. I get it I'm gonna be very VERY happy. If anyone is reading this I also want to know if there is a study schedule for the HESI if I have a month and have only the 4th edition of the Elsevier book from which to study. Like most schools (I guess), the sections we're tested on are Math, Reading, Grammar, A&P, Vocabulary and Critical Thinking. I really want in at CyFair but I also hear it's the most difficult to get into.
  10. gemiknight75

    Fall 2019 Lonestar Hopefuls

    Well then I have some serious work to do. I'm currently in another A&P I class because I did get a B previously. With my A in English this portion gives me 3.42 points. It's almost (no, it IS) imperative to get A's in both just to stand a chance. As it looks now, if I leave those alone I would need a perfect score (NOT) on the HESI to have a slim shot.
  11. gemiknight75

    Fall 2019 Lonestar Hopefuls

    Will CyFair, North Harris or Montgomery tell you the cutoff score from last Fall (2018)? As it stands now mine is very dependent on the HESI. My weakest section is A&P. That and PATIENCE. From what I have read on here, anything less than 7.00 (ore even higher) is wait-list material.