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  1. auson16

    Post-master's CNM?

    Hello, I am a new grad, currently practicing FNP, with about 4 years of nursing experience with 3 in L&D. My current job involves caring for women and newborns postpartum in an outpatient setting--not much in depth care, just general assessment, lactation consultation, treating of minor conditions, etc. I am enjoying it, however I am really missing labor and delivery, and have considered a post-master's cert as a CNM. However, I'm nervous about more student debt, and issues with finding a job in my area of SC. Has anyone done this? School suggestions, pros/cons, advice?
  2. auson16

    New L&D Nurse--Stressing!

    No problem!! I still feel like a new grad at times and I've been out of school for over a year. Being a new grad is overwhelming in and of itself, but being a new grad in a specialty is even more overwhelming. Just keep learning and growing from your experiences...even on the days that you go home and cry. They are all making you a stronger, more experienced nurse! You can do it!
  3. auson16

    New L&D Nurse--Stressing!

    Hi! So, just looking for some advice/reassurance! A little background, I worked in a Level 1 Trauma Center ED for my first year as a new grad. I always knew I was interested in women's health, and after my family decided to move, I decided to pursue it, and accepted a L&D job. I have been there now for about 4 months, and have been off orientation and on my own for 3 weeks now. I have really enjoyed it! I love educating mothers and just being part of such a special day for the patients and families that I care for. The most overwhelming part of the job for me is the enormous amount of charting! In the ER, we had nowhere near the amount of mandatory charting, on top of updating their vitals/strips, in most cases every 15-30 mins. How do you stay on top of your charting and make sure that everything has been taken care of and documented after delivery, while trying to manage your recovery and document that as well? I know it is so important, especially in litigious situations, so I want to make sure I'm thorough but it's just so difficult when you're trying to actually take care of your patients. Does anyone have any helpful resources, specifically on L&D documentation, or just documentation in general? Also, I'm a worrier. I have the tendency to go home and ruminate over any mistakes I made or could have made, or things I forgot to chart, etc. How do you deal with mistakes and allow yourself to learn from them and then leave them at work, instead of worrying over it at home? All nursing involves huge levels of responsibility, but labor and delivery just feels so intense! At what point did you begin to feel confident, fully competent, and able to stop questioning everything?
  4. auson16

    Switching to L&D from ER

    Hi! I recently switched from the ER to L&D, although I didn't have as much experience as you do (I was a new grad in the ER for a year). I'm sure you would do great! Labor and Delivery reminds me of the ER at times, although obviously much more specialized, which I personally like. I would review meds frequently given antepartum, during labor, and post-partum. I would also brush up on all the terminology--labor and delivery has a language of its own with lots of acronyms that I wasn't familiar with. Another thing to study is emergencies that can happen during labor and delivery. The thing that has been the most difficult for me, transitioning to L&D has been the enormous amount of charting. I'm not sure how your current facility does things, or what charting system they use, but to me the charting felt like an extreme amount more in labor and delivery. I did talk to some current labor and delivery nurses and tried to network a little bit, however mostly just applied to openings within the area. There are a lot of differences, but I have loved it so far and would totally recommend making the switch if you're passionate about it!
  5. auson16

    ER to Labor and Delivery

    Hello everyone, I'm a new graduate and have been a nurse in the Emergency Department for about 8 months. I have enjoyed it but Im considering other options after my year there is complete. I've always been drawn to labor and delivery, but at this point I feel like I've lost the little textbook knowledge I had and would truly be starting from scratch. Has anyone transitioned smoothly from the ER setting to Labor and delivery? If not, what was your experience? Do you personally recommend it? Thanks! :)
  6. auson16

    Question on hiring

    Hi everyone! I just had a quick question for those who may be in manager, supervisor, or just seasoned nurses who have experience with hiring. How long do you recommend that a new graduate stay in the position that they start in before changing or specializing in another department? In other words, what is the recommended length of employment on a specific unit/hospital that does not come across as unprofessional, or for lack of better terms, "flaky"? Would you count time on orientation toward that cumulative length of employment? Thanks!
  7. Hi guys! I'm a new graduate nurse in a level 1 trauma center ED. I'm just asking for learning purposes, what do you guys say to extremely disrespectful and even verbally abusive patients? I'm not referring to altered mental status patients, psychotic patients or anyone of that nature. I mean those who are aware of what they're doing and saying, and are intentionally malicious. I can deal with rude patients, but it's the nasty and mean ones that I'm not sure the best approach. For example, I was with my preceptor the other night. We had a mean older man who while we were in his room, getting him changed, repositioning, etc. was just hurling insults and verbal abuse at us from the time we walked in the room. My preceptor didn't say anything about his behavior, just continued doing what she was doing and trying to meet his requests. What do you guys do in this type of situation, when it isn't a situation that warrants calling security, but you feel extremely disrespected ? Thanks!
  8. auson16

    New Grad ER Nurse...need advice!

    Hi! Thank you so much for these thoughts. It means a lot that you took the time to share! I'm sure things will get better over time, it's just tough to see beyond right now!
  9. auson16

    New Grad ER Nurse...need advice!

    Ruby Vee, Thank you so much for the thoughtful response! It is so encouraging to me. It sounds like we were/are in similar situations. I just got married two months ago and while my husband works, my income is primary right now. Great insight to work on finding aspects of my co-workers that I like, I will do that. I just wish I could feel fully competent immediately since I will be taking care of patients on my own, but i know it'll just take time. Thanks again for the encouragement, your response was truly helpful! Any advice on dealing with those who are critical and harsh while I'm still learning? Obviously constructive criticism is good, it's just the mean/hurtful approach that I struggle with.
  10. Hi guys, I am a new grad in a level 1 trauma center ED. I don't think I quite knew what I was getting into when I started, although I did a senior year internship there. I know that new grads in the ER can be controversial but I'm already here, and just trying to do the best that I can. It's pretty understaffed, and a lot of the staff are cliquey, and seem to gossip/judge one another often. It's a pretty hostile environment. This ER hires new graduates frequently and gives a solid 20 week orientation, which I only have a few weeks left of. I enjoy the variety of patients that we see, and I feel like I'm learning a lot. However, I still feel unprepared to be on my own. Like last night my preceptor and my patient load included 2 ICU holds for the entire night, along with 3 other patients. I can't imagine what I would do if I had been on my own. I just feel kind of nervous and like I can't truly trust my co-workers (after hearing the way they talk about each other and other new people). I guess I'm just asking if this is typical of ERs everywhere and if many new nurses go through this experience at first? Any advice? I just feel like maybe I don't have the personality for this type of environment. Just looking for support!
  11. auson16

    USC FNP Spring 2017

    That's great! Congratulations!
  12. auson16

    BSN to NP School?

    Hi! I tried to PM you but it said something about your storage being full. I was recently accepted to the FNP program at USC! I wanted to ask you, if you don't mind, about how your classes are formatted and how you get most of your grades? What has been your most challenging class? Any other advice? Thanks!:)
  13. auson16

    USC FNP Spring 2017

    I just spoke to the program contact to ask a question about registering for classes. She said that they are still working through making decisions on applications, probably for the next week or two.
  14. auson16

    USC FNP Spring 2017

    That's interesting. I guess they don't give out all the decisions at the same time. Best of luck to you!
  15. auson16

    USC FNP Spring 2017

    Hopefully you'll hear something soon, mine came via email. Have you logged in to check your application status?
  16. auson16

    USC FNP Spring 2017

    Last Thursday! : )

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