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Question on hiring

Hi everyone!

I just had a quick question for those who may be in manager, supervisor, or just seasoned nurses who have experience with hiring. How long do you recommend that a new graduate stay in the position that they start in before changing or specializing in another department?

In other words, what is the recommended length of employment on a specific unit/hospital that does not come across as unprofessional, or for lack of better terms, "flaky"?

Would you count time on orientation toward that cumulative length of employment?


One year is the general "rule", but two is even better. I do think it's fine to break the "rule" if your going someplace, though ....much higher paying job, your dream specialty, etc. Hopping around to positions very similar to each other looks much worse, in my opinion.

HouTx, BSN, MSN, EdD

Specializes in Critical Care, Education.

Agreed - 12 months of full-time work is the norm. In most organizations, it's not up to the hiring manager - rules about internal transfers are established by HR.


Specializes in Pediatrics, Community, and School Health.

I always ask for them to tell me about any transitions that are less than 12 months, or any large gaps in work. I don;t hold it against them if they can give me a good explanation for leaving before a year is up, even when it is something along the lines of "not a good fit". I feel like no one should be forced to endure a miserable year of work just to have that one year at one location on their resume. If it is truly a miserable year, they most likely won;t be getting a good recommendation from them anyway, so why waste time?


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