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L&D Job offer...what would you do?



I have a job offer on my hands and just want to get some insight on what others would think/do in this situation. I interviewed about 3 weeks ago on the labor and delivery unit in the city that I'm about to move. I currently have a year of ER experience, this new hospital job would cut my commute from 45 min to 15 min after we move.

The position I interviewed for was for day shift, and I've been on night shift thus far and it's really taking a toll on my family and I so I would love to have a day shift position. The manager told me I would hear from her in a week, two weeks later she called and said one day shift spot had been filled but she has another that may be available.

She calls me again and says a current staff member is considering coming to days and if this staff member does not come to day shift, then I could be offered the second day shift position that interviewed for and that she will call and let me know what she decides.

The manager calls me today, three weeks after the interview and says she's hired someone else with L&D experience for the day shift spot and I could come on to night shift or PRN.

I am interested in labor and delivery, and really would like day shift, but more than anything just feeling a little frustrated by the process. What do you guys think about the whole situation and what would you do? Just looking for another perspective!

Thanks! :)

Ruby Vee, BSN

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Sounds like she was planning on giving you a day shift position, but she can't if their are inside candidates for that job. Starting a new job on nights is more the norm, even for experienced nurses.

I have only known one or two nurses hired directly into day shift positions in L&D, and they had experience in ICU or ER nursing. There is so much to learn in L&D. Hopefully, you will get a nice, long orientation. Still, it would be worthwhile to make the switch from the ER to L&D nights because people do move around and you will probably have a better chance at getting on days if you are already there on nights. Take the job - reduce your commute - keep reminding everyone that you want to move to days as soon as you can, but take advantage of the orientation and the experience you will gain on nights. Welcome to L&D!

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Don't do PRN. Why do they offer PRN to someone with no experience? If it is FT or PT, then go for nights if you want the L&D experience. Only you can decide if you want L&D more or day shift more.