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  1. smoinat

    My dream job ruined

    I just felt spooked and afraid of after complaining would couse tention which I don't get paid enough for that
  2. smoinat

    My dream job ruined

    So very true. When one door closes a window opens. I am a hospice nurse now. Less stress but feel so honored on helping people pass to heaven.
  3. smoinat

    My dream job ruined

    My dream job was tainted and just ruined by racist comments. I am a blonde with blue eyes white nurse that had to put up with racial comments on being called whitey, certain comments that whites are racists. These were doctors an fellow black associates. I just got tired of it and quit. Racism goes both ways and has no business being in nursing. Their are all kind of people good, bad, and just some unfixable. Please don't label, getting old.
  4. smoinat

    Dying, unresponsive patient and assessing pain

    You made the right call. PRN is as needed, hospice is very difficult, if you can sleep with clear conscience that's what counts.