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    FNP whitout RN experience??

    Thank you so much for your advise! I absolutely agree! It is very individual! Do u know any programs that are for students who already RNs but lack experience? Thank you!
  2. chudo161

    FNP whitout RN experience??

    I am a new graduate student RN, BSN. I am looking into FNP programs in VA right now. Does anyone know if there are programs that don't require nursing experience? Thank you in advance )
  3. chudo161

    FNP whitout RN experience??

    HI! Thank you for the reply! I know there is a lot of opinions on whether you should spend a year or two and get experience or go ahead and apply for NP right away. I am still considering both options, I think it mostly depends on a person and prerogatives as well as background. Thank you!
  4. I am a new grad and just accepted position at progressive care unit. Initially I was hoping to get a position at ICU but unfortunately after a couple months of applying and interviewing didn’t get an offer so decided to accept position at progressive care unit ( some places call it intermediate care unit I think). My long term goal is to transfer to ICU in a year or so. My question is - am I gonna be able to get my CCRN certification after a year on PRogressive Care Unit? Thank you in advance!