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  1. 2bnurse_it

    Ambulatory Care Certification Books

    I’d like to know too! did you find the core curriculum sufficient for studying? No other materials used?
  2. I have a great interest in teaching.... I already have my BSN and from what I've heard, I could be a clinical instructor? without my MSN? correct me if I'm wrong. though I am planning to pursue my MSN next month in April. Now there is also the certification of becoming a school nurse? should I seek school nursing? vs a clinical instructor? any advice would be great. thank you!
  3. I’ve only been a bedside nurse for 10 years. Working in telemetry and recently in the clinic family medicine. looking for advice on certifications I should consider pursuing to “up” my resume and/or expanding my knowledge and getting into a different area of nursing l are they worth paying for and earning? open to advice! I only have my BSN. thanks!
  4. 2bnurse_it

    Which Online MSN Education?

    Anyone have recommendations or advise on which MSN online school is highly accepted for their education program? Or Health leadership? I was thinking capella?
  5. my employee offers tuition reimbursement to capella U or CTU. looking for to get my MSN in education. anyone with advise or comments or experience with these schools? thanks
  6. 2bnurse_it

    Capella university msn program

    hi there! I know this is an old post but wondering if you were able to let me know if you decided to move forward with capella?
  7. 2bnurse_it

    Telemetry BSN RN- certifications?

    Hey guys! so I'm on the fence on trying to figure out which certifications would be benefitical to me. Im currently a tele RN with a BSN, got my BLS and ACLS. Which organizations would you suggest I join and what other certifications should I attempt on getting? I've considered PCCN and the med surg (though I"m not quite sure the difference between the 2 that are offered) looking forward to your advise!
  8. Can anyone recommend a list of hospitals worth working at in Virginia? my Husband is being relocated to Quantico and I am thinking about relocating and working in Virginia. Thanks!
  9. 2bnurse_it

    Cedar Sinai OR training?

    i haven't heard a thing!!!! how long does it take?! my sister applied for PACU and she found out after 1 week!
  10. 2bnurse_it

    Cedars-Sinai OR/PACU Open House

    i realize this is an old post but could you share what happened or the process you went through?
  11. 2bnurse_it

    Operating room procedures/meds?

    coming from a telemetry unit, would they usually ask medications to assume that i am familiar with the meds they use?
  12. 2bnurse_it

    Cedar Sinai OR training?

    anyone work in the OR at Cedar Sinai in Los Angeles? i've got an interview coming up. Any advice? i am not the greatest at interviews :/
  13. 2bnurse_it

    Operating room procedures/meds?

    are medications often asked at an OR interview?
  14. 2bnurse_it

    Operating room procedures/meds?

    Are there a list of commonly used medications or procedures done that I can look into to help prepare for my OR interview? thanks!
  15. I have been a telemetry nurse for 2 years. I am just wondering what things can I take from being a telemetry RN to help prepare me to become an operating room nurse? or does it even help at all?
  16. 2bnurse_it

    RN to RT

    I was wondering if a registered nurse has switched careers to be a RT? or can RNs be certified as RT? any thoughts?