Cedar Sinai OR training?


anyone work in the OR at Cedar Sinai in Los Angeles?

i've got an interview coming up. Any advice?

i am not the greatest at interviews :/


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It's not what you are expecting!!! Worked there for 2.5 yrs as a traveler and 9 months as a regular employee...it was not fancy as I expected it to be. Not a bad place to work but politics is just awful there. Stay a traveler there before you decide to sign on as regular staff.


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Ugh!!! I know exactly what you mean!!! I expected new technology and was surprised to see outdated equipment. I couldn't believe they are behind the times with a lot of things. Funny how I expected the best from them and was disappointed.


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Hi! I interviewed for Cedars' upcoming OR Training program too. Have you heard anything yet? ------ said that they would be making a decision within a week or so and that was on July 26 when she emailed me back :confused:

I still haven't heard anything...


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i haven't heard a thing!!!!

how long does it take?!

my sister applied for PACU and she found out after 1 week!


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Cedars is known for not getting back to you promptly. Call --------- just to check your status...it never hurts to call...she sometimes doesn't get back to you at all so it's your responsibility to check.


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Seriously..this is a loooong wait!

I've called -------'s office numerous times and she never picks up. I left her a voicemail and she never returned my call. I've emailed her once and she did get back to me so I'll email her today and see what happens.

I just think it's inappropriate and unprofessional to not call back or reply to people's emails, especially when they're inquiring about a position they've interviewed for. :nono:

Some sort of reply or some information would be nice...


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Maybe this is a clue as to what it would be like when you start working there with questions about work, getting annual reviews, raises, vacation requests, etc.

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They are usually a month or two behind with everything. So just be prepared to fit and wait...if its important to them it will get done sooner rather than later but of course the other way around doesn't matter much to them.