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  1. love2barn

    Challenges of a CRC?

    What are the biggest challenges of your job?
  2. love2barn

    Cant decide which is better shift

    Currently, I work 3 12's and got offered a position to work 8-430 M-F with no weekends or holidays. The nursing job is different and sounds interesting & the pay is equal. Im having such a hard time weighing out what is a better shift. Hard to give up working 3 days a week, but they're so exhausting and the thought of no wkends or holidays is appealing. I love my job now & this new position sounds really interesting. What would you do?
  3. Wondering if anyone needs this book:Health Assessment Book by Wilson. I have a 2nd edition if you need it for free. Doesnt seem any different from the newer edition. Send me a message if you want it.
  4. love2barn

    Freaky Things

    My mother in law was in hospice care and one night while she was sleeping, my husband was with her in the room. She starting saying, "What's going to happen? How many people are going to die? Oh my gosh, No!" She never woke up and died the next morning. Two days later, I was getting ready for the funeral home and could news flashes about 9/11. My nephew lived in D.C. and was scheduled for a meeting at the pentagon that morning, but instead he was at the funeral home. I don't know who she was talking with, but believe they told her something. Shortly after that, my 3 1/2 yr old was playing in her room and I could her laughing and talking. I'd ask who she was talking with, and she would say Grandma. It freak me out because she didn't know she had died! It happened occasionally for about a year.
  5. love2barn

    When are the start dates at MCC again?

    Start dates are Jan, Mar, Aug, Oct. At orientation, you can request a later start date.
  6. love2barn

    MCC PDA software

    I just noticed some free downloads on skyscape. Has anyone found any that are beneficial?
  7. love2barn

    MCC PDA software

    I was going to order through skyscape, but not sure exactly what to get. Nsg constellation plus or just the regular one? Anything else in addition? What would you recommend? Thanks
  8. love2barn

    MCC registration question

    Someone entered it into the computer, then I had to go the admissions office to pick up the registration paperwork.
  9. love2barn

    MCC registration question

    I registered for the 1600's & went to the nsg office this morning & they registered me for the 1700's. It was very frustrating and was up all night too. Last night, the clinical I wanted said it was full, so this morning I dropped the classes & put in the original spot I wanted & thankfully got it. I guess for some reason it was showing some classes were full, but they were not. Everytime I have tried to register on line or by phone it seems there is always a problem. Hopefully, they will fix it for next time. Nothing like ruining the holiday cheer.
  10. love2barn

    My 9 year old patient was raped and required surgery

    That poor little girl! She should be dreaming about Christmas right now. It sickens me that someone could hurt an innocent child like that. God bless you for helping her!
  11. If working out was a priority before school, then you will make the time to do it. I wake up at 4:30 AM & workout. I record my lectures on my MP3 & listen to them. Also, I have a bike & stair stepper at home that I use when I read. Most important, get organized so you can pack lunches, snacks & plan for dinners.
  12. love2barn

    Eating/Cooking Healthier

    Eating healthy is a lot of work in the beginning. You need to plan and organize. Usually on Sunday, I plan out what we will have each night. Be prepared to stop at the store a few times a week to pick up fresh fruits and veggies. I bought a food saver to freeze individual meals. For instance, Ill make a huge pot of spaghetti and freeze it for a few meals. When I get home, I just unthaw and make pasta (organic, whole wheat). When I am out, I pack healthy snacks and lunches. Once you are in a routine it is pretty easy. Getting to the store several times a week can be a hassle, but I will not eat processed foods and dine out very often. Its a discipline just like exercising.
  13. love2barn

    How to stay in shape while in Nursing school....

    Call me crazy but I get up at 4:30 am and go to the gym or workout at home. Also, I record lectures on my mp3 and listen to them at night while I walk on my treadmill, bike ride.
  14. love2barn

    All this reading!

    Hi, I started ns last week! The reading seems endless. I have been highlighting in the book, but to go back through the stack of books to find highlights seems time consuming. Taking notes seems time consuming. I am looking for some tips. Thanks!
  15. love2barn

    ? for diabetic RN's

    Where do you test you bs? I use my fingers & test about 10 times a day. Now that I am starting the RN program, I'm thinking I should let my fingers heal and use alternate sites. Where else do you test?