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  1. I’m moving and so I applied for a large hospital a couple hours away and got the job. its a meg surg unit but I’ve been told it will be more fast paced than my current med surg unit, since the hospital is larger and takes a bit more higher acuity patients. im getting two weeks of orientation with a preceptor, sharing the patient load. Thankfully It will be the same Charting system that I use now. any tips? This is my first job switch. I’ve heard the unit is very supportive of new people but I’m still nervous as it’s gonna be busier. It will still be night shift. I’m worried about not being able to find things or know which doc to call, or encounter something that I haven’t done before and looking stupid since I have experience already and “should know this”. I have 3 years med surg experience.
  2. For work life balance, is it doable? The 2 12s is what is worrying me. I work 8s and 12s now but am picking up a new schedule.
  3. Jaellys

    Is this enough training for experienced nurse?

    I think to help me get accustomed to the unit and the orders etc. does this seem unusual?
  4. Two weeks of floor training for a nurse with two years of med surg experience. This will be for a med surg floor. I’ve been told it’s busier on this floor but the patient ratio is lower than I’m used to which is good I guess. They said it would be one patient first day, then second two patients, 3rd day 3 patients, and the final days with 4 patients. i also know their computer system as I currently use it now.