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  1. I live in Los Angeles and currently there is an over saturation of new RN graduates with BSN and ADN. I was thinking of applying to become a DNP as soon as I get out of nursing school while joining the Army Reserve (hopefully reimburse some of my loa...
  2. Hello ladies and gentleman, I just got accepted into RN school (yay!). I was convicted of a DUI approximately 6 years ago, I was 18 years old at the time. Since that time, I have grown as a young man, matured, and am making better decisions. Not to s...
  3. I just got accepted into nursing school at my local Community College and while reading the student handbook I noticed that a background check will be needed. I am assuming this is for the clinical rotations at whatever healthcare setting I will be p...
  4. Is a BSN or MSN required to land a good hospital job?
  5. My goal is to become an ICU nurse one day. Could anyone inform me on the steps to becoming a nurse in the ICU. Also, the amount of experience required, and some good tips/strategies. Thank you in advanced!
  6. Ca Nursing School and Criminal Background?

    I have decided to seek legal guidance on the matter. My nightmare would be the nursing school giving me the shaft unlawfully due to the pure competitive nature of nursing.
  7. Santa Ana College ADN Spring 2017

    Did you get an acceptance?
  8. I have been an EMT for a total of 4 years and my goal is to an ER-Nurse. Would it be worth mentioning on a job application one day? Or possibly during an interview? I understand their scopes and roles are MUCH different, but I believe it is still per...
  9. Will my EMT experience help get a job as an ER-Nurse?

    Thank you everyone for the wonderful advice. It was made official this week that I have been accepted into nursing school. So now the true work begins. I purchased a pharm textbook and began over viewing the material. My goal is to be as prepared as ...
  10. Santa Ana College ADN Spring 2017

    I got my acceptance letter yesterday in the evening. I will be accepting the spot.
  11. Santa Ana College ADN Spring 2017

    you are correct, mine said "response is required" and I got in.
  12. Santa Ana College ADN Spring 2017

    I had 79 from All A's in my prerequisites. All of my GE's completed. 4 years Medical Experience. 5 life experiences.
  13. Santa Ana College ADN Spring 2017

    Of course. I called my Dad and its waiting for me when I get off work! Wish me luck! Ill post my news as soon as I can.
  14. Santa Ana College ADN Spring 2017

    There is still hope! I have 79 points.
  15. Santa Ana College ADN Spring 2017

    geez! that is a really fast mailing! What cities do you live in? I'm in Long Beach, so I wonder if it will be home when I check the mail.
  16. Monitor Tech online course?

    Can someone let me know if they have ever seen, taken, or heard of an online monitor tech program? I am an EMT and I recently got a job at a hospital as a monitor tech and they are requiring me to get a "certification". I have done my research and I ...
  17. Santa Ana College ADN Spring 2017

    They are releasing decisions in the middle of the week. I called the nursing dept last week to ask if they expect any delays. They said "no".
  18. Santa Ana College ADN Spring 2017

    what did your stats look like for CSULB? Were you already enrolled as a student at the University?
  19. Santa Ana College ADN Spring 2017

    Does anyone know how many seats are available?
  20. 2011 DUI (18 y.o) will it destroy employment opportunities?

    The only problem is that expungement does not remove it from the DOJ/FBI records. Thus, when becoming licensed it will ALWAYS show up. I know for employment purposes they only go back 7 years in California, so I think I should be okay in that regard ...
  21. Santa Ana College ADN Spring 2017

    Is this everyone's first time applying to SAC?
  22. Santa Ana College ADN Spring 2017

    I would assume they would be selected. That wouldn't be fair for a top applicant if they were not selected.
  23. Santa Ana College ADN Spring 2017

    I spoke with the health science department and they stated that the random applicants are selected first and then the top ranked applicants follow.
  24. Santa Ana College ADN Spring 2017

    does anyone know when the SAC Nursing is planning on making the decisions?
  25. Give me some perspective NP's

    My original goal was to become a physician. The reason I wanted to be a physician was the knowledge obtained and the opportunity to be an expert in whatever field you choose (cardiology, emergency medicine, etc...). However, in order to become a phys...